A VA Beach Thanksgiving

  • A VA Beach Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!! We are spending Thanksgiving Day in VA Beach and eating way too much! For most engaged couples celebrating holiday’s with two families may take some getting used to, but Michael and I, we’re quite accustomed to it! We have been sharing Thanksgivings for the past 7 years.  We’ve spent Thanksgivings in Sparta, in Bowling Green, in Richmond, West Virginia, and this year we’re in VA Beach at Uncle John’s and Aunt Charlotte’s.  It’s so nice to be away from school and the library…. work in general! But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been taking pictures! Here are a few family pics from today.

Cool kids.

The cousins!

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  1. britney reply

    looks like fun! i hope you had some dill dip ;) and im glad i didn’t hahah… never a good idea

  2. Susan Maier reply

    Awesome Alsops!! We need you here in WV for some sessions!
    All were good but I like the one of the cousins and the one of Michael and Sarah.. and the one of Michael walking on the beach!!

  3. Mandy reply

    Aww sweet pictures KK! You make Va. Beach look really good! :)

  4. James T. Hosack Jr. reply

    that first picture of Michael is absolutely epic. why does the man have to be so dang photogenic? hahah.

    great pictures Katelyn.

  5. caroline reply

    greeeaaaat pics!!!! Mike looks SO good! wow. hope yall had an incredible thanksgiving :)

  6. caroline reply

    ps I really wanted you to have a scrollbar on this one :D

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