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you’re tired of me saying how awesome my clients are. I feel like that’s all I talk about these days…. but it’s true. A photographer friend of mine said recently that she really feels like God sends the PERFECT clients her way and I feel the same way. I’m working with some amazing couples in 2011 AND 2012! It blows me away! I walk away from engagement sessions thinking “How did I get THEM?! They’re AWESOME!!!”. I’m so honored! Rebecca is a photographer  and I’m actually shooting several photographer’s weddings next year! That is such a huge privilege! If ANYONE is going to

be picky about who their wedding photographer is going to be…. it would be the  WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS! I was super selective when choosing our photographer and to be honest… if Jstar didn’t work out… I really didn’t have a backup plan!!  So, the scariest thing about shooting other photographer’s weddings is that they KNOW the ropes and there is an extra added pressure to be super-duper (yes, I just said that) creative and on point with my exposures. It’s a little intimidating at times but to be honest, I love it and it’s good for me! The BEST part about shooting other photographer’s weddings is that the bride and I usually think the exact same way. We love details, we love good light, we think about the lighting when we’re planning our timeline… the list goes on and on! When Rebecca and I were emailing about their session, she mentioned a few details she was planning but OH MY WORD…. I had no idea! This girl is just wonderful! Seriously! It’s one thing to have a few props… but she had multiple STATIONS full of cute details that made their session super fun to shoot! I could have doubled their session time if we had had the light! We shot the second half of their session on Hunter’s family’s property in the mountains outside of Staunton, VA. As we drove to the top of the hill where his house was… I’m pretty sure I was being completely obnoxious. I just kept saying “Oh my gosh! This is beautiful! You wake up to this?!”.  Hunter simply replied with a “Yup”.  I was blown away. You’ll see a view from their front porch further along in the post and I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that it is breathtaking!


Now that I’ve rambled on and on about mountains and details, let me explain that this couple is amazing. This was their first time in front of the camera and they acted like pros! I loved every minute of our time together and I really cannot WAIT for their wedding next year! Enjoy some of my favorites and leave these two some comment love and tell Becca just how stinking creative she is!! I warned her that details and Pinterest may consume her life until the wedding! (I know from experience!) I’m so so excited to see everything come together! Becca and Hunter, enjoy being engaged and make sure to make time for one another in between tying ribbon and cutting bunting:)

Really?! Love them! They make it look so easy!

Can we all agree that their children will have PERFECT smiles? Gosh.

I may hang this in MY living room….kidding…. kinda.

Hunter!!! Your model-face is perfect! NICE!

Beautiful! You two are beautiful!

Favorite from the whole shoot!

Fall is here!! Love those colors!

Second favorite!

Front yard view… so jealous!

Virginia, you are beautiful! I wouldn’t mind this being my backyard!

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  1. Amanda Gail reply

    Whoa! So many awesome details! Love this!!!

  2. molly buckley reply

    oh my gosh. LOVE. i am so jealous of this girl’s creativity. i wish i were that crafty. her wedding is gonna be FABBBBB!!!! great shoot, katelyn!

  3. rebecca fitzgerald reply

    I love this engagement shoot!!! I wish it was mine!! Beautiful!

  4. Lauren Wakefield reply

    Ummmm….this session kind of makes me want to die a little bit.

  5. Michael reply

    so so so good!!! i love everything about this post. But my favorites are the ones in the alleyways. Great Job!!!

  6. sherri reply

    What a cute couple! Their smiles are so contagious! My favorites are the ones in the alley and all of the ones in the last outfit. What cute details she put together!

  7. Shefali Lindsey reply

    These are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! I love the ones in the field. So beautiful!

  8. Samantha reply

    Wow I cannot wait till her wedding, it is going to be amazing. I loved her red dress and boots. They definitely had contagious smiles!

  9. Becca reply

    I keep waiting for the right words to come to be to express how happy, warm, and EXCITED I am about your kind words, the photos, everyones sweet comments.. I’m still just speechless with joy, but if I come up with something I’ll write it during the next 15 times I relook at the blog in the next hour =) Sincere thanks, we LOVE the pictures!!!

  10. Cassandra reply

    Love the lighting, the details, the wardrobe, and most of all the poses you got them into….Beautiful!

  11. Tina reply

    Wow, GORGEOUS couple and yummy light = perfection! Your favorite is my favorite, awesome work!

  12. Britne reply

    these photos are amazing! I love their location and the tent idea is super cute. I love how down to earth this couple looks… BEAUTIFUL pictures Katelyn!

  13. Kristen reply

    I would be BEYOND THRILLLLLLED IF THESE WERE MY ENGAGEMENT SHOTS!!!! OMG! Every outfit is adorable in it’s own way.. and location is spectacular!

  14. katie S reply

    okay this is one of my favourites, love this!!

  15. Cheryl reply

    I LOVE these pictures!!! B and H are so happy and comfortable with each other – and such clever props!!!! Great photography! Great locations!!! Such warmth!!

  16. Kristina W. reply

    This e session is amazing!!! The light is fantastic. And I love the shots taken in the alley! I can’t wait to see the wedding details!

  17. Laura Barnes reply

    These are amazing!! One of the best sessions I have seen on your blog. Great job!

  18. amelia renee reply

    I feel like I say this every time you post a session (I KNOW I think it!) but I’ve got a newww favorite shooot! Katelyn, you’re fabulous!

  19. Lydia reply

    They’re adorable, and the pictures are amazing!

  20. Meredith Sledge reply

    AHHHHHHH!!!! I looooove these. I know I’m biased because it’s Staunton, but they are seriously beautiful. I love when I recognize where all the pictures are taken. It’s so much fun! And the ones where they’re are in jeans in that field…. yeah, those look like the pictures on the American Eagle website!! :)

  21. britney reply

    omgosh i love these! that blue looks fabulous on her. and the fall colors and lighting are great kk :)

  22. Kaitlyn reply

    possibly my new favorite engagement session of yours…heck of anyone’s! the colors are wonderful and i love all the detail :]

  23. Taryn reply

    I can’t even pick a favorite! You are amazing!!

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  26. Brooke Summer Photography reply

    Katelyn I think these are some of my favorite engagement shots you’ve done yet, absolutely beautiful!

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