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when I decided to do a bridal show. I was invited by a friend to be a part of a small show at the Science Museum and I figured I would give it a try. BAD IDEA.  My business doesn’t work that way.  I book brides through word of mouth and the blog! …. Not by handing out flyers.  I considered that whole experience a huge waste…. until I received an email from Emily. Emily had won my raffle at the bridal show and she ended up booking last spring.  I knew she was sweet and gorgeous and was planning a beautiful wedding, but I had no clue her family attended the church Michael and I just became a part of! Weird right?! It’s such a small world.  I shot Emily and John’s engagement

session and then spent the day with her and her mom for her bridal session and I fell in love with this family.  For those of you out there that are not wedding photographers, I’m sure you’re tired of me talking about how much a really adore my clients. It’s hard  to understand from a professional point of view. How can you be professional and yet emotionally involved in the work you give your clients? I don’t know…. but it works for me.  When I was shooting this wedding I felt like I was really capturing THEM because I care about them and they are friends! I mean, who wouldn’t want their friend to have amazing images of their wedding day?!


I walked into Emily’s parent’s home and all of the girls were relaxing in the living room.  That’s right, RELAXING!That is unheard of on a wedding day! Their hair and makeup was totally done and they were drinking mimosas.  I shot some details and then I saw then…… the TEAL bridesmaids dresses. AMAZING. These are probably some of my favorite dresses EVER. The ruffled, one shoulder look was so flattering on all of the girls and I couldn’t help but wish I had one of these to wear for Easter or something! I’m sure I could find a reason to buy one!


Emily’s style is so so classy and clean. Her wedding day was 100% HER and I must say, I loved the color scheme. Emily and John were married at University of Richmond’s Chapel and then celebrated at the Bolling Haxall House in downtown. Emily held onto her dad as she walked that long aisle and she wasn’t the only one trying to hold back the tears. Their ceremony was beautiful. They promised to be best friends for life and then all of the guests applauded as they were announced as Mr. and Mrs. Albis for the very first time! It was an exciting day and I loved being a part of it!  As I edited through these images I couldn’t help but be thankful for that dreaded bridal show. That whole day of sitting at a booth and handing out postcards was ALL worth it.  Thank you John and Emily for welcoming my into your life and allowing me to capture your wedding day!! Have a blast in St. Lucia!!!!!!

Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.

I would just like to apologize to MY bridesmaids for not finding these AMAZING teal dresses…. I loved ya’lls dresses… but these are unbelievably cute!

University of Richmond…. beautiful.

So beautiful!


Taking shots of Emily in her gown will never get old! Did you see her bridal portraits?

Work it ladies! Such models.

There he is! Looking all sharp and classy. These groomsmen we a lot of fun… most groomsmen don’t pay attention… I’m used to that. But a least these guys were funny!

Ceremony time!


I love Emily’s dad! He was definitely comic relief during the ceremony:)

haha…. I don’t remember exactly what was so funny… but I love this.

They recomposed quickly and showed off their great “model” faces.

All of John and Emily’s portraits were done in on loop around the church. It really helps to have a plan of action before portrait time because then you don’t spend time wandering around looking for good light! Having a plan beforehand allowed them to get a ton of portraits in small period of time!

My dear dear friend Katie Beale helped me out at John and Emily’s wedding and I just loved my time with her! She was such a huge help and this was my favorite shot of hers!! Thank you KATIE!!

Can I just say, John and Emily’s band was AMAZING!




A special thanks to all of John and Emily’s awesome vendors!

FLORIST: GM Litleton

VIDEOGRAPHY: Alzuro Video Productions

RECEPTION VENUE: Bolling Haxall House

CEREMONY VENUE: University of Richmond

HAIR & MAKEUP: Lou Steven’s Glam Squad

BAND: Walrus

CAKE: A Cake to Remember


CATERER: Catering for All Occasions

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  1. Priscilla Joy reply

    fab girl! and you must have been DYING over the colors :) i can already hear the squeals!!! XOXO, PJ

  2. reply

    Great shots! We agree that you can care about clients & still be professional- you seem to have a great balance here! The dresses, the car, the entire wedding looks beautiful- great job Katelyn!!

  3. Abby Grace Photography reply

    gorgeous!! I love how many shots you posted, and I LOVE that Canon color!

  4. Celtic Dream Photography, Inc. reply

    Absolutely gorgeous photos!! You are right, those colors are amazing and photograph really well! I love your style and the poses you use for your shots! These should be published in a bridal magazine. I bet they are so excited to see the beautiful job you did capturing all the details of their day! Amazing job!!!!

  5. elizabeth r reply

    i LOVE this wedding! the couple and u of r, the reception, all amazing! so classy, and amazing pictures katelyn!!!

  6. emy reply

    Gorgeous! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! And i love it even more that you are here with me and that this was blogged from the Kitchen House! yay! :) you’re awesome!

  7. Tammynize reply

    gorgeous couple, beautiful wedding and beautiful colors.

  8. Kristina N. reply

    Love love love! Can you please put in more “dad” shots? I loved the one of the dad looking at the groom during the ceremony and all the walking up the aisle shots you do.

  9. EM reply

    way to rock this k. I love the shot of them in the flowering trees. to die for.

  10. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    I love this location! The chapel at the University of Richmond is beautiful!!! My favorite shots of the couple are the ones in the dogwood trees…absolutely lovely!

  11. katie g reply

    i loooove the two pictures of them dancing where you shot him and then her separately ! creative and cute!
    & ilooove the last black & white ones!

  12. Nancy Mitchell reply

    I LOVE the Bridesmaids dresses. These are simply breathtaking Katelyn! Great job!

  13. Julianna reply

    Katelyn!!!! SOooooooo gorgeous! I love the colors and the bridesmaid dresses!!!!!! Great work!!!!

  14. Brenda reply

    KK, this was a beautiful wedding and you captured it so well. All of the pics are amazing. I have especially noticed that your recent black and white pics have all been sooooooo clear and crisp. Not sure what the right “photographer” word choice would be, but I really like the way they look.

  15. Megan reply

    This is GORGEOUS!!!

  16. Lauren B reply

    oh my gosh, these are gorgeous! :) :)

  17. caroline reply

    awww KK i LOVE these!!! every part of it…the location…the style and color of the dresses…the flowers…SO GREAT!! and i must say that i really do like your selection of bridesmaid dresses :)

  18. Colleen Cook-CCS Events reply

    OH MY Katelyn!!!!! What an EYE you have! I absolutely love how you captured the details so closely as well as how beautiful the couple was. I cannot wait to work with you again!

  19. Karen Shinkins reply

    Love it Katelyn. Gorgeous light and gorgeously captured.

  20. Erica reply

    Your posing of the bridal party is amazingggg!!! Seriously, I am blown away by how model-esque the entire bridal party looks. Usually those photos turn out kind of boring, but yours are great. Overall, I always loving your posing :)

  21. Elizabeth reply

    LOVE them!!!!!! such a gorgeous couple!!!! fabulous job Katelyn!

  22. B reply

    This wedding was gorgeous! I have been looking for bridesmaid dresses just like these! could you possibly tell me who the bridesmaid dresses are from?

  23. Yinka reply

    Another Slam Dunk Katelyn!

  24. Brian reply

    These are some great shots!!!

  25. Lindsey reply


  26. Courtney reply

    These photos are sooooo gorgeous!! What a great couple! You can see the love in their eyes.

  27. Beth Waggoner reply

    Love all of the beautiful pictures – what a great couple!

  28. Carla Baran reply

    These photos are absolutely gorgeous – the color, the poses, the flowers – all breathtaking. The last picture looks like something from an ad – love the black & white shots as well. Thanks for sharing – Kathelyn rocks!

  29. jaclyn reply

    Beautiful pictures! Your wedding colors are fabulous

  30. Kate reply

    Beautiful pictures Katelyn. Will definitely recommend you to friends in the future :)

  31. Amy reply

    Perfect Everything! I love the pics!

  32. Lindsey reply

    These pictures are amazing! After you posted the bridal portraits I couldn’t wait to see the pictures from the ceremony and reception! Emily looked beautiful :)

  33. Raj reply

    Great pictures!!

  34. Sarah reply

    Beautiful photographs!! Emily – you’re GORGEOUS! Wishing you all the happiness in the world!

  35. Brittany reply

    I am so sorry I missed it! The pictures are stunning and everyone looks amazing!

  36. Kristy Rooney reply

    gorgeousssssss. love the colors. hot bridesmaids and even hotter bride.

  37. Allie reply

    Absolutely AMAZING pictures! Emily you made a beautiful bride!!

  38. Erica reply

    Your wedding looks beautiful! I hope it was everything you wanted.

  39. erin reply

    Gorgeous wedding! The pics really captured it!!

  40. Christina M reply

    These pictures turned out absolutely beautiful!

  41. Gina reply

    Emily, you look beautiful! Best of luck to you both!

  42. Susannah reply

    Fabulous pictures! Emma- you look beautiful!

  43. Stephanie reply

    I wish I could have been there…the pictures are stunning! Love you!!

  44. Samantha reply

    Your pictures are absolutly beautiful! Congrats!!!

  45. reply

    Katelyn…Em is my niece and you did a wonderful job with the photographs….you really captured her in such a relaxed and beautiful way…great job!

  46. Jennifer Albis reply

    I love love love these pictures!!! I am truly blessed to have been apart of this magical day!!! Katelyn you could not have captured this beautiful day any better!!!

  47. Emily O reply

    What beautiful pictures of the bride and groom! Love these, Emily!

  48. Mallory Gurley reply

    Gorgeous photos, Emily & John! Congrats and good luck on getting to 100 :) I’m cheering for ya!

  49. Monica reply

    I am so impressed with these photos – they are gorgeous…..of course the subjects and surroundings were perfect too. Wonderful! Wish I could have had something like this done in 97 when I got married (:

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