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  • Behind the Scenes | April 2015

This workshop was different. The layout was the same, the schedule was the same, the content was the same…. but it was still different. This was the LAST workshop in our home. It was bittersweet… and I always get a little teary during workshops when I explain our heart behind our business but I was EXTRA teary at this workshop because a lot is about to change for us. I know you’re all waiting to hear our plans and you know we’re going to share…. once we can! :)

Overall, this workshop made me sentimental… which in turn made me extra vulnerable…. which made the girls extra vulnerable… which made our time together REAL. And that’s why I loved this workshop. Besides having some great discussion and multiple heart-to-hearts, we got into the nitty gritty of business, posing, lighting approaches, marketing through blogging, creating community, office systems, and the most elaborate styled shoot to date! I mean… we had to end workshops at this house with a BANG!!

I think the other reason I was a little on the emotional side was because I kept thinking “Gosh, we haven’t even been in this house for two years yet…. and look what God has done through it!”.  He gave us this space in 2013 and almost 200 photographers have been welcomed into our home through coaching, workshops and events. That’s kind of CRAZY when you think about it!

We couldn’t have done this without our dear friends and fellow wedding vendors who made the styled shoot happen!! I literally walked out of the front door and said “Umm… I think I have a NEW FAVORITE!!!!” Wait till you see this setup friends! Amanda Veronee  is freaking amazing!! Here is the list of our friends that we owe big time!:

Amanda Veronee, Florals & Styling

Paisley & Jade, Vintage Rentals

Urban Set Bride, Gown

Posh PR (@thecarolinedoll Etsy store), balloons, day of coordination

The Buttercream Bee, Cake

Emily Hudspeth, MUA/Hair

LH Calligraphy, Scroll backdrop and invitation suite

Something Borrowed: Paper flower wall

Megan & Mitch Vaughn, Models

First Class Limo Services, Vintage 1954 Packard


Shy Myrtle Etsy Shop, Bouquet Ribbons

Caroline Birgmann Etsy Store

BIG THANKS TO: Michael and Bobbi!!! And Bokeh for behaving!… mostly.

We’re also thankful for our SPONSORS that give so much to our attendees!!:


xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Megan Kelsey Marcus reply

    Awww Katelyn! I can’t WAIT for the first workshop in the new home! It’s going to be amazing! And we’ll always have so many photos to look back on (and you have so many memories!) of your time in this home together. I’m going to miss seeing this garage all done up like it’s part of a wedding venue! Haha! I know God has even MORE amazing things in store for you, Michael, Bokeh, annnnnd any other future Alsop family members ;)!!! Xoxo

  2. Brett reply

    AHHH!!! I love it!!! What an awesome recap to the coolest experience with you and Michael and Bokeh and all the girls! I’ll never forget this experience or that incredible styled shoot or all of the emotions I felt walking in and walking out and the overall amazing time talking to you and connecting with the other girls. Thank you for hosting and being such a warm and loving photographer AND teacher!

  3. Candi reply

    Your workshop is truly an experience! I have been to a few over the years and they can’t even compare to yours. You can tell you have a giving heart in all that you do. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, your home and your life with us all! So excited for your future!

  4. Clara reply

    My mind is still swirling with everything you gave us to take away. I am still in awe of how effortlessly you made us feel welcome in your home. Both of you are doing EXACTLY what you are supposed to do in life! Your hospitality and openness of knowledge is appreciated more than you know! And that reunion needs to happen!!! Good luck in all of your upcoming adventures. :)

  5. Meg reply

    So sweet! So many exciting things are coming!

  6. Carrie reply

    What a beautiful event!! And such a perfect way to end your chapter in this space. Here’s to many more beautiful memories in your next home!

  7. Rici reply

    Oh Katelyn, what is going on? I hope only changes for the best. I totally understand the teary part abut ending a season and such. love your grateful attitude shining through! Yes God is good. Loads of hope & love.

  8. Katie reply

    The gift you’re giving to this community is so amazing Katelyn! I’m so excited for the BIG THINGS God is doing for your business and for your life!!! XOXOXO

  9. Kelley Miller reply

    That scroll backdrop!!!!! Best of luck, Michael and Katelyn! I consider myself lucky to have been in that number (#200!!!).

  10. Libby reply

    Love you Katelyn! Thank you for a fantastic experience!

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