• Emy is Graduating!

this day all too well.  My house of roommates were all emotional. As we approached graduation, our hugs lasted a few seconds longer,  our time at our house became more precious and our “I love you’s” more frequent. We knew the end was coming. The days of sharing clothes, staying up to 3am and cooking “family” dinners were almost over.  My years living with my best friends at CNU were incredible and I’m SO thankful that when my sister went to Virginia Tech, she had the same experience.  Emy found some amazing girlfriends that  changed her life when she came to VT!

They have lived together in “The Kitchen” for a couple of years have literally become a little family. So today is graduation. Today they will be “officially” done and ready to move on to their new phase of life!!  It’s a crazy transition and I’m not going to sugarcoat it and say it’s going to be easy.  It’s not. Leaving your best friends who have also become your FAMILY is a hard task! …. But they’re ready for it:)  Despite the tears and fears and disappointment that this amazing life phase is coming to an end, they’re ready to go out into the world and do MAGNIFICENT things for the Lord. Whether that’s through a ministry or an office job, it’s going to be awesome and I’m so SO excited for them!!!!! So I’m at VT for a few days to celebrate with my family and Emy, but a few weeks ago I visited and was able to shoot ONE LAST set of Family portriats! Enjoy and Have a fabulous weekend!!!!!!!

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  1. molly reply

    YAY! congrats emily!

  2. Anllelina reply

    Congratulations to Emy!!!

  3. Anna Burke reply

    Congratulations, Emy Roof :) Can’t believe you’re graduating from college – I’m REALLY getting OLD! Excited for what’s in store during this next chapter of your life – got your announcement yesterday and can’t wait to have you back at Salem to share what’s next on your journey! Love you!

  4. Abby Grace reply

    Aww, this brings me back to my own graduation! Congratulations, girl- go out and do BIG THINGS for Jesus!

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  6. rachel reply

    oh my gosh the day we graduated we live together for 4 years, and that night was the saddest happiest night of our lives! Wish I had some great photos like this to remember when :) ours are in pjs, with red eyes and champagne in our hands :)

    Congrats Emily!!!! Enjoy the next steps!

  7. Beverly Lilly reply

    Emy!!! college. done and done. congrats on your accomplishments!! this shoot shows so much joy and love! What a beautiful set of friends!

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  9. Michelle reply

    Congratulations to Emy! She is really going to miss Blacksburg after she leaves! It is such a great place!

  10. Jessica Beale reply

    WOOTY WOO!!! Congrats Emily Roof. And Juju and Alex and Britt! Can’t believe we’re all this old! Crazy. CRAZY. Can’t wait for you to come home to Sparta so we can all celebrate. Love you! And love you too, KK!!! :)

  11. Meredith Sledge reply

    Awww, this is awesome! They’re all so gorgeous!! I hope I find friends like this at JMU!

  12. Gayle reply

    …hate it when pictures make you do those stupid gulpy tears…
    oh, em.

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