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are some things that you just can’t plan. They are out of your control completely. Cherry Blossoms and traffic are two of those things. You never know when they will be in full bloom and you can NEVER estimate DC traffic! I met Jeff and Rosie at Jeff’s home in Vienna before their shoot and planned to ride into the city together since parking was going to be nearly impossible for two cars. We shot a few images around Jeff’s amazing home and then we hopped in the car! Rosie’s mom and Jeff’s mom were so kind to drive us into DC! We thought we left with plenty of time but if you’re familiar

with DC traffic, you know that it can really take a turn for the worse at any moment! As we sat in traffic, I saw the sun getting closer and closer to the horizon and my heart sank. It was somewhat overcast which means that the sun was going to disappear quickly and so I started preparing myself for the FASTEST eshoot in KJP history!

As we approached the city and the beautiful cherry blossoms, we were dropped off beside the river.  I kid you not, all of a sudden, the clouds separated and the glowy light started to peak through! I knew we had about 20-ish minutes to shoot and so the three of us kicked it into high gear!

Not only were we dodging all of the Cherry Blossom tourists, we were also dealing with wind AND disappearing light! You’re going to be amazed at what we were able to accomplish in such a short amount of time!! Jeff and Rosie were such PROS! They were amazing and I have the pictures to prove it! It was such a fun evening together and I’m just in awe of our timing! Rosie and Jeff are in Syracuse and so this engagement session could only happen on certain dates. We just happened to pick the PERFECT date while the cherry blossoms were in bloom! I’m so thrilled with their images and I hope love my favorites as much as I do!!! Rosie and Jeff are such a SWEET, genuine couple… I’m so honored to be a part of this celebration!! xoxo

How cute are they?!

Rosie you’re such a beauty! Love this!

Definitely a favorite!


ALL time favorite!!!

Seriously? How romantic!

You two are awesome!! Cannot WAIT for the wedding!!

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  1. Sarah Adams reply

    Katelyn. I’m in awe. These are INCREDIBLE. Magical. The one with the blossoms flowing- AHHH- I want a picture JUST like that. And the ones of them near the water- that light is SOOO golden. I just love every single picture. You never stop amazing me!

  2. Megan Chase reply

    So dreamy! Love these!

  3. Amanda reply

    LOVE the cherry blossoms!! and slight confession – I scroll through the whole post to find the “ring shots” first, and then go back to the top and look at them all. Her ring is one of my all time favorites, so beautiful!

  4. Elise reply

    YAY! I was waiting for these and they didn’t disappoint. So beautiful!

  5. Marie reply

    One word: Stunning!

  6. elizabeth V reply

    Wow!!! Great job! This are so gorgeous… simply dreamy!!

  7. Stephanie Messick reply

    You do realize that now you will have 1,000 engagement inquiry’s for next year’s cherry blossom time, right?! ;) Lol! Fabulous Katelyn!

  8. Stephanie Messick reply

    *wow … inquiries .. my bad ;)

  9. Meagan reply

    Absolutely lovely! I used to live up there & the cherry blossoms are one of the things i miss the most! And you captured them beautifully! one day i hope to have a shoot like this with my husband & myself! if we ever make it back up to VA in the spring i’m giving you a call!

  10. Deborah Zoe reply

    GINGER LOVE!!!! I adore:)

  11. Regan reply

    Ahh!! These are amazing!! So insanely beautiful and just plain happy! One of my favorite e-sessions of yours of all time! Stunning work! :) Cannot wait to see their wedding!!

  12. Erin Schrad reply

    I just adore the ones where the blossom petals are falling around them… looks like fairy light or something from a Disney cartoon!

  13. Betty McNamara reply

    You’re work is AMAZING! Love the cherry blossoms!

  14. Caroline reply

    That boy has got some fiery red hair!! What a great session – the cherry blossoms, the light…the blossoms flowing through the air. My goodness. Absolutely magical. Great job!

  15. Emily reply

    I basically just want to decorate my house with all your ring shots. They’re incredible and I die every time I see them!! <3 love the rest of this shoot as well.

  16. Kathryn Grace reply

    OH MY GOODNESS. Amazing!! Without that wind you probably wouldn’t have gotten those incredible petals-fluttering-down shots! Favorites!!!

  17. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    So adorable! You did an amazing job considering the circumstances! These are so gorgeous :)

  18. Lindsey Larue reply

    WOW, WOW, WOW! All of this gorgeousness in a time crunch?? You work beautifully under pressure, Katelyn!

  19. Ashlyn reply

    The fifth and sixth rows from the bottom are amazing. These are absolutely amazing, Kafelyn! And what a stunning couple!! :)

  20. Jenny reply

    Seriously just want to pin every single one of these!!! Swoon :)

  21. Lyndsay London reply

    I could probably look at these images all day. So gorgeous!

  22. Jennifer Krieg reply

    There are no words for these images that would do them justice!!!! They are BEYOND GORGEOUS!!!! STUNNING!!!

  23. Meredith Sledge reply

    OH MY! I looooove cherry blossoms! I think this is one of your best shoots yet! So you definitely rocked the short time issue! Amazing!

  24. Carla B. reply

    Love these pics!!! The flowers are beautiful and i love his red hair

  25. Katie Yuen reply

    these are absolutely gorgeous!!!! Cherry blossoms have such a beautiful color that gives this whole session an even more romantic feeling!!!

  26. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    I love those cherry blossoms! You did an amazing job hiding all the tourists…I hardly spotted more than 4 total in all the pictures!

  27. Kristina W. reply

    Those cherry blossoms are amazing! You were so lucky! The one of them sitting together with the pettles drizzling down (the one next to the ring shot) is my favorite — it’s perfect!

  28. ashley link reply

    so pretty! i love the snowing cherry blossom petals!!! LOVEEE this shoot!

  29. Carly Arnwine reply

    Beautiful images, Katelyn! You were really able to capture the magic of the cherry blossoms :)

  30. Michelle williams reply

    You are totally on point about timing blossoms and traffic for this shoot! I think somone was on your side!!! ;o) Glad it worked out and they got these amazing shots! The last 6 or so are perfection!!! I have shot at this exact spot when the cherry blossoms were blooming. They literally seem to last only a day, You are one blessed photographer!

  31. Catherine White – Oak Lawn Lady reply

    I had previously just seen the two that jeff had posted.(the two second from the bottom) Jeff is my first cousin, once removed. I’ll bet those beautiful photos by the red barn door at at his Mom and Dad’s home. So glad it all worked out for you…photographers always find a way!!!
    Kathy at Oak Lawn Images

  32. Annetta reply

    BEAUTIFUL!!!! Love all the cherry blossoms.

  33. Sarah reply

    I’ve always said I want to get married in May, but after looking at these…I just might have to move it to April. These are absolutely exquisite, Katelyn. Wonderful job, as always!

  34. Jonny Carroll reply

    Absolutely stunning!!! It is positively magnificent when nature cooperates with us. :)

  35. samantha reply

    this is so beautiful !!! they look so happy and natural and in love ! beautiful location as well

  36. Sara Winant reply

    Awww Jeff I remember when you were just this cool freshman guy getting involved in CNU things…and now you’re getting MARRIED to a beautiful girl!!! So excited for you, these pictures are stunning!

  37. Erin reply

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this shoot! What a beautiful location and such a happy sweet couple. Katelyn – if you don’t mind me asking, what lens did you use for your “ALL time favorite” photo? I have a hard time capturing that much of the background with the subjects still up close.

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