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and that means tomorrow is Wednesday…(I’m brilliant, I know).  So if tomorrow is Wednesday, that means I’m half way through the week…. and I haven’t gotten half of my work done yet! So…. today has to be incredibly efficient! I’m trying this new method of a to-do list where I schedule everything… if I’m not done with emails after an hour… the rest will have to wait until later. I’m trying to be strict!! Puppy potty breaks happen every hour on the hour and blogging needs to only take an hour and a half! GAH! So that means I need to hurry! I apologize in advance for my typos…. I’m sure my mother or sister will correct all of them when they read this post.

So this post is for photographers AND brides. It’s an album post. I have an addiction to sample albums. I’m trying to cut back because this is a rather EXPENSIVE addiction to have. I just LOVE seeing my work printed!! Beautiful images were NEVER meant to just be viewed on a computer screen!! So often, couples receive their flashdrive or CD and they don’t do anything with their memories that they invested so much in. I realize it’s overwhelming to decide which portrait deserves to be on the wall… I have that same struggle too! However, I MADE myself design our album the month after our wedding because I knew it would never get done otherwise. Having a tangible collection of wedding day favorites is such a treasure and I HIGHLY recommend investing in a Legacy Album.


My mom has little things around the house that I look at and I just KNOW how important they are. They are heirlooms…they belonged to someone else and they have been passed down from multiple generations and most importantly, they have a STORY.  Once example would be My dad’s porcelain, hand-painted Santa mug that comes out every Christmas. You can just LOOK at that thing and know “Ok, if that ever gets broken, someone is going to be in HUGE trouble with Momma”. My grandma hand-painted that porcelain santa mug and so that little decoration is a BIG DEAL because it has emotional value! Is it GORGEOUS? No.  It’s actually kinda creepy looking… but it means a lot because of what it stands for. This is also true for wedding albums. They are just fancy leather bound books… but they are treasured because of their emotional value. The way wedding albums are designed these days, they tell a STORY and the story of someone’s wedding day is something that they want to remember for a lifetime. Our wedding album is displayed on our entry table and I’ll admit, I look through it randomly…. even though I’ve seen those images a thousand times. I love it and one day my children will love it. My parents have a 10 page “slide the images in” album from the 80’s and while it isn’t the best quality and the images aren’t stellar… I remember looking at those images over and over again as a little girl. Pictures mean something… even if they’re bad!! and in my opinion, wedding images deserve to be perserved and showcased! It’s worth saving up for!!


I have several new sample albums made in the last 6 months and I’m going to show you some favorites! Future and present brides out there, you’ll be able to see the difference between the 8×8 and 10×10 sizes AND the different color options that are offered! Photographers, I use Leather Craftsmen for my printing and binding and I adore that company! I also use Photojunction for album design! Enjoy and happy Tuesday!!


Designer Cedar Leather (lighter Brown) , Designer Mahogany Leather (Darker Brown)

10×10 Designer Cedar Leather

I love how thick and durable these pages are!


Slipcases are an added expense… but they will keep your album protected and safe!

10×10 and an 8×8 with slipcase

The “lay flat” design makes it easy for viewing! 

8×8 and 10×10 Designer Mahogany Leather , Branded Imprinting

Black Rustique Leather, 10×10

that last image on the right? …. oh it gets me!

one of my favs!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Anna Filly reply

    ahhh I love these weddings you chose!! These are my favorites! You’re so incredible, girl. Keep doing what you’re doing ;) ever so impressed.

  2. Annia reply

    Such goodness!

  3. Torrie Anderson reply

    Love this! AND love that my quilt in Bev and Craig’s wedding has gotten so much publicity. Haha! These are beautiful heirlooms Katelyn!

  4. Jillian Tree reply

    LeatherCraftsman albums are gorgeous! I’m one of those girls who hasn’t made their album yet…and been married almost a year & a half! I know I need to get on it, thanks for reminding me how VALUABLE albums are! :)

  5. Maria reply


  6. Lydia reply

    Beautiful! This is a kick I need to get a new sample made!

  7. Cassandra reply

    Beautiful!!! Your post is perfect timing as you just sold me on using leather craftsman for my Newborn session albums. I was wondering about 8×8 or10x10 and then about the imprinting and slip case. Thank you for describing everything so well through your pictures. So excited to go make my first sample!!!

  8. jamie reply

    love your design layouts and how you shoot with the design layout in mind! they are beautiful! i wish my wedding album looked like one of these!

  9. lori yohe reply

    love love love. love.

  10. Sarah D’Attoma reply

    I absolutely adore your album design! Thanks for sharing! :)

  11. Lauren Jolly reply

    Great post! I am just starting my business and one thing that I am very excited about offering is albums! Yay!! (I hope I don’t get addicted haha)

  12. Meredith Sledge reply

    I WANT ONE!! Hahahaha. This seriously has got to be the best part about wedding photos. I just love how classy and organized your album designs are.

  13. emily reply

    fantastic post! i just got my first sample album (from finao) in the mail, and i cannot wait to show it off to couples so they can see what their wedding photos have potential of!

  14. Jill Powers reply

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! You are so talented and they all look so beautiful! xo

  15. eryn kesler reply

    oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. I LOVE IT when you post albums. It makes me want to make one!

  16. Katie reply

    ahhh katelyn!!! i love your work and album designs! you’re amazing!!! :)

  17. Christine reply

    OMG! Gorgeous! Who is your lab for these? Very contemporary & timeless all at the same time! LOVE!

  18. Jennifer Hejna reply

    Hi Katelyn, I love the design of your albums and LC is always beautiful I wish they would be easier to get here in Europe. What really helped my to-do list the last time: full list for the week and then just a post it with five points that you need to fullfill per day. And don’t look at the full list until you finished those five points. That really helped me to focus on what is really important that day. Thanks for sharing :-)

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  21. Amy Rizzuto reply

    Thanks for sharing Katelyn! I am designing my first leather craftsman album and this was so helpful! :)

  22. Kristen Schueler reply

    These are so gorgeous! Are they the 3500 Flush Series?

  23. kleber reply

    Im from brasil and make wedding álbuns. visit my website

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