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following the blog for any amount of time, you may remember me mentioning that NOTHING went wrong on our wedding day…well almost nothing. My fake eyelashes fell off. That’s it! I’ve said before that I’m totally ok with that. If that is the ONLY thing that didn’t go as planned, I’m fine with that! Luckily I was able to save my makeup and retouch before the ceremony and everything was fine! I loved having my makeup done on my wedding day.  It gave me time to relax and get ready for the LONG day that awaited me. However, as I started planning my wedding,

I had no idea of where to even LOOK for a makeup artist. I actually worked with a friend of a friend and it was great. However, now that I’m in the wedding industry in Richmond, I’m getting a chance to connected with some awesome vendors! Emily is one of those vendors that I LOVE and today we’re going to introduce another option for wedding day makeup….. MAKEUP LESSONS!!!  I had never even thought of this until I heard Emily had worked with one of my past brides and tutored her on how to have flawless skin and smokey eyes! Nikki’s makeup looked awesome and she did it all herself!! Read on to find out what I’m talking about! You’re going to hear from Emily AND Nikki so enjoy and I hope this helps some brides with their makeup dilema!


Get to Know Emily


Emily is a freelance hair stylist and makeup artist, currently calling Richmond, VA home. Prior to landing in Virgina, Emily has had the pleasure of being based in Los Angeles, CA, Baton Rouge, LA and Dallas, Tx. Emily is “bringing the beauty to you”, being a 100% mobile freelance stylist she is available for worldwide travel. Contact Emily for rates and availability for any size group. Have your hair and makeup done professionally for events and portraits, or schedule a MU lesson with Emily to go the DIY route.


What you ALSO need to know about this girl is that she’s one of my new favorite people! Seriously. Emily is SO much fun to be around and I since I moved to Richmond, this lovely lady has been coming to the house to cut my hair! I’m tempted to get my hair cut EVERY month just so we can hangout!!!  To all of MY brides out there… I highly recommend this one! She’s amazing at what she does and I love working with her!!!!!! So now on to the Q&A.



Makeup Lesson Q&A


1.  So what is a “Makeup Lesson” exactly?

Basic Description Makeup Lessons are customized for what the client is looking to achieve. Bridal Makeup lessons start with a series of questions so that I can get an idea of the look that is most appealing to them. It is also important for me to get an idea of what their current skill level is and what products they already use. Before we get started, I like to have an idea of what kind of investment the bride is willing to make on products. That tells me if I need to do some research to find what products are currently on special so they can get the most bang for their buck.


Now that I have a general idea of what our goals are, we set up a time to meet. I bring my kit that I would bring if I were applying makeup for a bride and I ask her to bring her makeup and tools, too. During this time, I evaluate what she already has that would work and recommend some products that would be appropriate for the big day. This is special occasion so there are some adjustments you would make to insure the makeup is photo-friendly and long lasting. You dont want your everyday makeup, since this day is special. We will use a combination of products that I have, maybe she will try my primer or lash curler, and also use her makeup. She will apply it while I give tips and direction.

We go thru the entire process from primer and end with a finishing product. At the end of the session, the bride now has detailed notes with tips and product recommendations to make sure she has everything she needs from products to the tools to apply it.


2. Will the makeup artist tell the bride what makeup they should use and give advice about colors?

Of course, if that is what the bride is looking for. Some clients know exactly what they want or what they find flattering and they are looking for tips on how to apply it.  If she would like guidance on color choices , I am happy to help. No 2 lessons have every been the same.


3. Is a “Makeup Lesson” a cheaper option than hiring a makeup artist to come on the day of the wedding?

Choosing the makeup lesson and DIY route will be a bit more a financial investment than having an artist do it for you. Expect to pay from $100-150 for an artist to come to you and do it all. Lessons typically run from $75-100 per hour. To achieve pro results, you will need pro products. It is safe to say that a primer, foundation and finishing powder that is long, lasting and photo friendly will be over $100. That doesn’t even include your shadow, liner, mascara, lash curler, blush, highlighter, bronzer, lip liner, lip color and gloss. Oh, my!


Both are great options, you have to decide what works best for you. Do you want someone to come to you and take care of everything? Or is the idea of learning some new tricks and getting new products more appealing?

My advice is to do your homework. If you want to hire an artist, start looking for someone you connect with as soon as possible to make sure you can secure your date before someone else does. If you choose to go the DIY route, make sure to schedule a lesson in advance so that you have time to shop for products that are right for you. More importantly you will need to practice at least 3 times, preferably more, so that you are comfortable with your products and you know how much time to budget. There are so many fun times in your engagement that you can use to practice your makeup. Some great times would be for your showers, your dress fittings, bridal or engagement portraits and more!


Straight from the Bride!


Alex and Nikki’s wedding happened a couple weekends ago and I have to admit that I’m a little sad because I just love this girl and LOVED working with her!!! I’d shoot her wedding ALL over again if I could! I loved being there!! Emily wasn’t available on Nikki’s wedding day so Nikki opted for the Makeup lesson and experienced GREAT results!!! Hear straight from the bride about why she loved Emily AND her Makeup Lesson!!:


From Nikki: “I was super bummed when Emily Hudspeth was booked on my wedding day (but what can I say – she is in high demand and I waited a liiiiiiiitle too long!), but she said she could do a consultation with me beforehand so that I could do my own makeup on the big day! Although it was a little scary, I decided to go for it. For a very reasonable consultation rate, Emily came to my home and taught me the ins and outs of wedding makeup. We used some of my own products and some that she had in her (giant) stash – which was great for me because it meant I only had to purchase a few other things in order to achieve “the look.” Emily was patient, realistic, and so much fun – the perfect teacher! She showed me how to do each step of the process and let me do it myself – which was really invaluable. We did the consultation about a month before I got married, giving me plenty of time to practice in between! Emily REALLY knows her stuff, and she was an awesome resource when I needed help deciding what products to invest in for wedding makeup. She even checked in on me about a week before the wedding to see if I had any questions and reassure me that I would do a great job! Even though it sort of happened by accident, this was the perfect set-up for me – especially since we got married at my parents’ home. It really allowed me to be able to make my own wedding day timeline and walk away with lots of fun makeup knowledge when it was over! ”

xoxo, Katelyn
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