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so many options when it comes to EXITS! It used to be that “Birdseed” was what you threw at EVERY wedding for the exit. I’m not hating on Birdseed exits because we had a birdseed exit at OUR wedding! (I will warn you thought… that’s a nasty mess to clean up later… my dress and hair were COVERED with seed!!!).  But Birdseed went along with our “Peacock, birdcage, vintage” theme so we had to use it! These days, there are so many more options out there! I’ve heard of people throwing lavendar, live butterflies, etc! It’s really a fun part of the day to make unique! Most people opt for sparklers and

that is always a classic option! However, there was one wedding in 2009 where the sparkler exit ended with the fire department at the venue!! haha That was at a friend’s wedding and I’ll NEVER forget that exit! Sparklers are great for pictures as well but I will tell you, from a photographers perspective… they make us NEROUS! I’ve almost gotten fried a few times!  I guess that’s just the price you pay when you’re a wedding photographer! It’s risky business!!



Anyway! There are so many fun things that can be done for an exit! Some venues have rules about what can be used but for the most part, anything biodegradable can be an option! Here are some sparkler shots from the last year or so and some other neat ideas to incorporate into an exit! (Some are messier than others!)

Some classic sparkler exits!

Bubbles anyone?!

Fruity Pebbles! At least they taste good!

Boat exit? That doesn’t happen everyday!

Silly String… talk about MESSY!! …. But so much fun for pictures!


Some more sparklers!

A cute dog is always a good choice:)

You can see the CHAOS of OUR exit! We were COVERED in birdseed! But I also made some RIBBON TWIRLERS to make it more exciting!:) Thanks Jessie for the pics!

Last but not least… I still think this is my all time favorite! GLOW STICKS!!!

If you’ve seen some CRAZY exit ideas, leave and comment share it with us all!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Abby Grace reply

    hahahah I laughed really hard at the groom’s face in the Fruity Pebbles exit shot! Jill and Buddy’s is definitely my favorite image- they look so cute!!

  2. Abby Grace reply

    hahahah I laughed really hard at the groom’s face in the Fruity Pebbles exit shot! Jill and Buddy’s is definitely my favorite image- they look so cute!!

  3. Megan Hodges reply

    I had friends leave on a jet ski, leaving from a marina, with Cedar Point in the background. It was really cool, and unique!

  4. Lori Hedrick reply

    A few years ago my sister was married. Their suprise exit was a helicopter!! Literally took our breath away ;) Here’s some of the photos ;)

  5. Krissy Traustason reply

    I have wanted to do glow sticks so bad!! They make for some amazing pictures!!! Super colorful confetti might be a cool exit! Messy cleanup though! Beautiful photographs Katelyn! :)

  6. Sabrina reply

    Love the glow sticks and the fruity pebbles made me laugh! But, our exit is my favorite :-) We had our reception at the downtown airport in Greenville, SC and some friends arranged for us to leave in a small Cessna airplane! So cool and so much fun!

  7. Jill Powers reply

    Thanks Abby! That’s my favorite too! haha :) But really, I couldn’t help but smile at ALL of the couples–they’re all so joyful! Love them! And Kateyln, you were so brave to do bird seed! Gotta love the commitment to the theme!

  8. Rachel Dee reply

    Great pictures! :O) I love sparklers and thought I’d like to have them at my wedding some day. But I just experienced a wedding where they were lit too early & people were scrambling to light more. I have a love for glow sticks, but I never thought to use them for an exit. I totally want to do that now!

  9. Jillian Tree reply

    Katelyn, I was surprised this one wasn’t up there…we used flower petals at our wedding!! I love the pics of it :):)

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  11. Lauren Swann reply

    I think we have it beat!! Haha!! #GiantMarshmellowsForTheWin

  12. Tatyana reply

    Love the silly string idea! So fun :)

  13. Miami Florida Photographer reply

    What a lovely bride! I like the simple make-up and the shots were really nice. The natural light is so beautiful on the bride. Wonderfully done.

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