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  • Wedding Wednesday

wedding ideas were not so great…. like covering the whole under side of the tent with HUGE teal tissue balls?… Yea…thank goodness Anna talked me out of that in a hurry. Between the dew and humidity, those poor things wouldn’t have stood a chance! And then I had another idea…. I wanted to hang different strips of vintage fabrics from the top of the garage and cover the WHOLE thing.  It sounded cute on paper… but really, if I had done that, the garage would have looked like it had been a victim of a vintage toilet papering attack and it would have cost me a small fortune!

However! I did have a few great decisions when it came to planning my wedding! I decided to design and order an engagement guestbook.  Now, I offer these to clients but I went ahead and upgraded to a Legacy album instead of a Coffee Table album. It’s definitely more expensive but I am here to tell you that it’s WORTH IT!  So worth it! I designed this album around this time last year (crazy! that seems like ages ago!).  I ordered it and we had it on display at our reception for all 400+ of our guests to sign! When the album first came in the mail, momma and I looked at it and said “Ohhh! It’s too PRETTY to let people write on it!!!!”…. but I’m so thankful that we went ahead and used it as our guestbook. Michael and I CHERISH this book. It’s full of amazing notes from all of our closest friends and family.  Not only did I get a book full of wedding day memories… I also have an awesome way to display our engagement photos! Were there some pages that weren’t completely filled up? Yes. Were there some pages that didn’t have the same amount of signatures as the page across from them? Yes…..But does that matter? No. It really doesn’t matter at all. People signed all over this book and I love it! However, I did mark a few of my favorite pages “do not write” so that a few pages would be left untouched and that worked really well!


There are SO many different ways to do a guestbook and really, there is no “best” way… this is just the option we chose and it turned out to be a fabulous decision! I highly recommend it to ALL brides out there!!!! Happy Wedding Wednesday and no I’m off to get a TON done….that’s the goal!

Thanks to Jasmine* for our wonderful images! Red Rock canyon never looked so good!

xoxo, Katelyn
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