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Some of you may have seen that Michael and I traveled to France to photograph a gorgeous wedding last week! It was a dream come true! After the wedding, we hit the road with our good friends Jordan and Amy Demos and we started a 5 day adventure to three different countries! This road trip would have been epic if it was just that… a road trip….but it was so much more than that! We stopped in Marseille on the second day of our journey and the next day, we did something that we have been looking forward to for a long time!

Ever since we realized that our calendar and our travel plans were going to align, we have been planning this surprise!! That means that this secret shoot has been in the works for months and months! Before I continue, you need to know something about Amy and Jordan. Most of you already know that they are amazing photographers. As of this past Sunday they have been married for seven years and even though their wedding day was one of the best days of their life, they have very few pictures that truly capture their joy. So, it has been a dream of theirs for quite some time to do a vow renewal and this trip seemed like the BEST opportunity to make it happen!!

Amy had a gown custom made for her and it was inspired by certain aspects of both of their mother’s and grandmother’s wedding dresses! I loved this idea and you definitely have to read their blog today to hear the full story! I helped curl Amy’s hair and Jordan helped her into her gown and we got in the car and started driving towards the countryside! We were in search of the infamous french lavender fields and we knew of one location that was super popular with tourists. However, when we stopped to pick up Amy’s incredible bouquet from Laetitia C. Fleurs d’Atelier, she told us of a secret lavender field that we would have all to ourselves!! We followed her directions and we pulled our rental car over on the side of the road at the most perfect location.

Not only did we find a secluded lavender field, we found one with a TREE right in the middle of the field and it served as a PERFECT diffuser!!! Michael officiated their ceremony and read the words directly from their actual wedding. We both got a little teary and choked up because it really felt like we were getting to be a part of their wedding day even though we didn’t even know them 7 years ago! As they shared their vows Jordan threw in some extra jokes and Amy somehow laughed and cried at the same time. I was worried that their little ceremony wouldn’t be special or that it would be hard to take it seriously because it was just us standing in the dirt in the middle of a field… but that was not the case at all. Michael did an amazing job and you could tell that this wasn’t just about getting some pretty pictures…. these two honestly wanted to experience their wedding day and their commitment to one another all over again… and it was beautiful.

As they kissed and we started to do some portraits, I started squealing because I really couldn’t believe what I was capturing. We had rushed and sped all the way there because we had gotten a late start but God’s timing with the light was absolutely perfect. As soon as we finished their ceremony, the glowy light was in its’ prime!! It was a day that we’ll never forget! Michael and I feel so honored that we were the ones who got to witness and capture this for our sweet friends! We left the field at sunset and headed to one of the best dinner’s of the trip and everyone stared at Amy because she was the most beautiful bride!

Today I have blogged WAY too many favorites but I hope you enjoy them!!! Jordan and Amy we love you guys and we’ll never forget this incredible day!!!

Dress | Katherine Bignon Design

Florals | Laetitia C. Fleurs d’atelier

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xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Meredith Sledge reply

    These are the most beautiful images I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I don’t even know what else to say. There are no words. Wow.

  2. Sheryl kirksey reply

    Love love love this!!!! Oh an sporting the bow tie…sigh…. What a blessed time

  3. Crystal Bolin reply

    Oh my GOODNESS!! Katelyn, these are beyond incredible!! So amazing! EVERYTHING!!

  4. Denise Karis reply

    My heart is so happy right now <3 Wonderful story!

  5. Heather reply

    Absolutely breathtaking Katelyn! You captured their joy perfectly! Congrats Amy & Jordan!!!!

  6. Meredith Jamison reply

    OH.EM.GEEE! I am in LOVE with everything about this! These images are beautiful and I know they mean so much to Amy and Jordan! What a wonderful experience for all 4 of you! Thank you so much for sharing these Katelyn! xxoo

  7. Deborah Zoe reply

    These are perfection Katelyn!!! Wow, just beautiful!! And congrats to A&J, what a dream to a. renew your vows and b. IN A FIELD OF LAVENDER!!!

  8. Erin Schrad reply

    Beautiful!!!! Happy Anniversary, Jordan & Amy!

  9. Amy Brown reply

    Absolutely beautiful photos and couple! Every time I see pictures of Amy or watch the two of them smile and laugh on their snapchat I can’t help but smile back! Her smile is just infectious! Gorgeous spirit! Stunning Katelyn!

  10. Kelli reply

    These are SO stunning! You can truly see how much joy and love these two have!

  11. Natalie reply

    Wow! These are beautiful!

  12. Chelsea Box reply

    Amy’s smile is the most perfect joyful thing I have ever seen! So much love between these two! Just Perfect!!

  13. Mackenzie reply

    These are absolutely amazing Katelyn! I love how simple and intimate this was- Amy you look stunning {as always}. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE!

  14. Elizabeth Gelineau reply

    What a dream!!! Love, love, love!!!

  15. Nikki Santerre reply

    AMAZING! So beautiful, and what wonderful memories you guys will always have to treasure from this trip!

  16. Abbi Hearne reply

    Oh my gooodnessssss!! These are GORGEOUS. And so special. What an amazing thing to get to do with your friends :) I love this so so much!

  17. Kira reply

    So lovely as always!!

  18. Lauren reply

    Katelyn, these are absolutely beautiful! That is such an amazing experience, to be able to capture something so joyous for such close friends! I have literally scrolled these a million times!!!!

  19. Kara reply

    WOW – I think these win as the most amazing photos you’ve ever taken Katelyn!! Literally brought tears to my eyes & I don’t even “know” Amy & Jordan (except thru social media) These are simply stunning-amazing-WOW!! :D

  20. Brittany reply

    These are so lovely! Their joy radiates through each images!! Amazing job as alway Katelyn!!

  21. Lianna balestracci reply

    This is absolutely, so incredibly perfect!!

  22. Rachel Hegarty reply

    These photos are simply breathtaking. So good. Insanely good. Congrats to Amy & Jordan on their vow renewal & congrats to Katelyn & Michael on this amazing photos!

  23. Elizabeth reply

    These are so lovely!!

  24. Amy Demos reply

    Can’t stop squealing!! You guys gave us the most precious gift!! We will cherish these photos (and all our memories together!) forever!! LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH!!!!!!!

  25. Elizabeth reply

    Ughhhh I love it all sooooo much!! This was so beautiful!! I cannot wait to meet all of you wonderful people in July!!

  26. Jenny McQueen reply

    These are the best photos I think you’ve ever taken….totally stunning!

  27. Natalie Franke reply


  28. Maria Fossler reply

    You coulnd’t have asked for a cuter couple, more sincere and complete emotion, or a more perfect backdrop! I’m sure they made it as easy as possible for you, knowing the posing themselves and “workin’ it” as good photographers should! Here’s to MANY more, Amy and Jordan, and AMAZING work, Katelyn!

  29. Nicole Humphus reply

    I dont know how these two could get any cuter! What a special occasion for all of you! Well done KJ! The photos are magic!

  30. Stefani reply

    Cuteness OVERLOAD!! I love everything about this! Congrats Amy & Jordan, you two are so incredibly sweet together! And Katelyn, your work always makes me smile, so beautiful!

  31. Field reply

    I can’t imagine two people more deserving. I love you all tons, and I love how this all came together.

  32. Melissa Smith reply

    Tears. I’m so in awe of all four of you! What a magical day!

  33. Shannon S reply

    These are so incredibly beautiful! And what a precious memory for just the sweetest couple. Love everything about this!

  34. Chantelle reply

    Wow these photos are out of this world!! So beautiful! Thank you for sharing this sweet story :)

  35. Melissa Jill reply

    This is SO SO special!! And Katelyn, you captured it beautifully!! Amy, your dress turned out so stunning! So many good ones but I think the last one might be my favorite.

  36. Danielle Blocker reply

    Wow!!! Amy + Jordan share with open hearts so generously, it’s a joy to see the most incredibly beautiful ceremony came together for them. And Katelyn, wow, these GORGEOUS photos! Love you all!

  37. Melissa reply

    Gorgeous as always Katelyn!

  38. Sophie Asselin reply

    It is SO BEAUTIFUL!! Wow :) I’m wordless :)

  39. Mandi M reply

    Love these!!! This is awesome!!

  40. Allison reply

    I’m in TEARS! This gives me hope. Our wedding day was on a very small budget and our photos came out…not so good. One day I would LOVE to do this! Awesome work KJ <3 <3 <3

  41. ashley reply

    Oh my stars!!! These are incredible! Gah! So much emotion and beauty! LOVE THEM! :)

  42. Taylor Cole Photography reply

    What a dream come true!! That light is incredible and you did an amazing job capturing such a special day for them!

  43. Rici reply

    OH GOOSH!! These are incredible! WOW! Amy is just breathtaking. NO wonder they all stared at her! And the location is beyond perfect.
    I love the images & story Katelyn!!!!! <3

  44. Sarah Anne Hayes reply

    Goodness gracious, Katelyn, SO beautiful! Incredible job as always. The images are breathtaking and their joy absolutely radiates. So, so sweet and lovely.

  45. Shannon reply

    Finally got the chance to look at these- they are so gorgeous!! The lavender of course reminds me of my wedding. How absolutely beautiful and special for your friends. They look so happy and so in love!

  46. Kristina W. reply

    These are so beautiful! What a lovely vow renewal!

  47. Anthony reply

    This is an amazing set. Great work!

  48. Tatyana reply

    These are BEYOND perfect!

  49. Ashley Ziegler reply

    I just will forever always love your work… :) You’ve always been the one inspiration in my photography career that keeps me going!!

  50. jamie reply

    Oh my goodness, if I ever get married, I want it to happen in this lilac field. Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous couple (love the vow renewal, so beautiful!!!!)

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    Oh my goodness!! To see two of my favorite husband and wife photography teams together in one post! One as the couple, and the other as the photographer/officiant! Sooo incredible! You all are amazing! Beautiful pictures! Amy- Your smile in contagious! Your just soooo beautiful!

  54. daro22s reply

    Thanks for sharing this news, nice that I’m here in the forum.

  55. gmail email login reply

    This is truly magical!! Thank you for sharing!! These photos are so stunning!! You did an amazing job!!

  56. Stephan A reply

    I love your style. The colors and the bouquet is just Amazing!

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