Ties and Procrastination

  • Wedding Wednesday

worse than getting a bad case of “Procrastination” when you’re planning a wedding! There were some things about our wedding that I was on top of! …. For example, Michael proposed to me on a Monday Night and I emailed Jasmine Star on Tuesday morning. Actually…. I’m pretty sure I emailed her a year before I was engaged but that’s just embarrassing and I won’t tell that story. I had my priorities and finding Michael a tie wasn’t one of them. The reason I procrastinated shopping for a tie was because our suits were a strange brown color and I had NO IDEA what was going to match!

I was already overwhelmed with other details that needed to get done and so I waited until two weeks before the wedding to find him a TIE! What was I thinking!? Ah!!! I searched frantically in every store known to man and still couldn’t find anything that would look right! It was crunch time now! My friend Emily told me that they had found Seth’s Tie at and so I started looking there. If I ordered one tie, I would have to have it shipped SUPER fast and what if it came and didn’t match?!!!! Fear was setting in and I quickly came up with a solution.


I’ll just buy EVERY POSSIBLE COLOR that could match and then return the rest. The great news is that I DID have one tie out of about 15 that worked! I loved it and Michael looked so good on our wedding day! However….. not only did I procrastinate finding a tie…. I procrastinated sending the extras back to the company! I missed the deadline and I now I’m stuck with 14 random, neutral colored ties!! So if anyone is interested in buying some tan, cream and ivory ties for 75% off…. I’m your girl! Enjoy your Wednesday and brides, a little tip from me… find your ties NOW!:)

Ps. Doesn’t he look good?! The one tie that worked ended up being PERFECT!

Awwww and there’s Corey, my sweet brother! There ties were bought online through the same company that designed our bridesmaid dresses.

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Emy reply

    Aww Corey… such a little man!!! He looks so grown up, gosh our little brother’s cute!!! you should give corey a tie or two, he needs some neutrals. :) Or save them until daddy’s birthday!! (and what i mean by that is.. save it for his birthday so I can give it to him. )

  2. katie b reply

    yay! happy wedding wednesday! :)

  3. liz reply

    Love this story. I could see myself doing exactly the same thing…obsess about the details and then procrastinate past the point of no return!

  4. Allison reply

    haha you are too cute!!! If I ever need a neutral colored tie for Jamie(boyfrien) I’m coming to you!!!!

  5. jessica willis reply

    Hey Katelyn, I’d totally buy one of those ties. Email or fb me the price? :) Thanks!

  6. Brooke reply

    That is TOO funny! I didn’t even think about finding Tom a tie… I guess I should start now. It seems like I have time but at the same time it doesn’t – ACK! Thanks for the post. :)

  7. Cecilia Flaming reply

    Would totally buy one the ties! What do you want for the 4th one from the left?

  8. Ryan Shaughnessy reply

    What’s with all these girls buying ties?! They’re all too similar…I’ll just buy em all :)

  9. Kristin Nicole reply

    I love it! So something I would do, but I think my favorite of all of them is the one that he wore…so good choice.

  10. Kristin Nicole reply

    p.s. I emailed my wedding photographer before we were engaged too…

  11. Katie Buchanan reply

    I’m pretty sure Britt emailed you before we were technically engaged lol! I’m going to that tie website now to see if I can find fun ties for the wedding!

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