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planning MY wedding… I ran into a common problem! I would see ideas on wedding blogs (thank goodness I wasn’t addicted to Pinterest at the time!) and I would want to replicate those ideas for my wedding but I didn’t know HOW! Where do brides find adorable mix-matchy dresses? Where do they find custom signs and handmade jewlery? And WHERE in the WORLD did they find those awesome TIES and BOWTIES?!  I had a really bad tie dilema! It was quite frustrating. I bought several ties from Etsy that were just blah (however you CAN find amazing wedding stuff on there!!!)… and then I searched every department


store known to man…. I still couldn’t find the ties I wanted.  And it wasn’t that I was being overly picky… I literally couldn’t find ANYTHING that went with our theme!! I saw wedding after wedding with such AWESOME ties and yet I couldn’t figure out how to get my hands on some!  Luckily, I found  and I ordered a TON of ties for Michael to try. Unfortunately, I missed the return date and I STILL have all of those ties! You can read about that episode here!  Since my wedding, I have seen so many different tie combos and I’ve found a few more resources for fun ties that I want to share.  My hope is that no bride wastes the same amount of energy searching for TIES that I did!! :) So here are some resources to check out if you’re in need of some fun ties for your wedding day!:


Southern Ties



The Tie Bar
Bows – n- Ties
And for the preppy southern couples:  Vineyard Vines
Good Heavens
xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Anna Burke reply

    YESSSS! We used the tie bar to get some of ours and they were awesome – super quick and CHEAP!

  2. Emily reply

    I love how you lined up all those shots! It’s neat how you compare the same types of shots in your blog a lot. (I’m pretty sure I just read most of your blog over the last few days :) Thanks for all the great info!!! I actually sent your first look post to one of my future brides because you said it all way better than I could ever do it.

  3. Abby Grace reply

    My dad and brothers are currently obsessed with bow ties (to the point that my dad celebrates “Bow Tie Tuesday” every week at his office by donning one himself and bringing any extra for those who want to participate but don’t actually own a bow tie). They love Beau Ties, LTD!

  4. Sabrina reply

    Oh the agony of searching Etsy and online and every Target in a 30 mile radius last fall for our wedding was enough to make anyone dizzy. Thanks for this post, Katelyn! I’m definitely passing the info onto my brides :-)

  5. Sarah Syhakhoun reply

    I felt the same way when I was planning my wedding last year! Every department store seemed to have boring ties. Thankfully, when we were out and about we found the perfect tie that had aqua blue, gray, and white in diagonal stripes! It perfectly matched the groomsmen and the bridesmaids but made my groom-turned-hubby-man stand out on the big day (along with his red sneakers). Thanks for the online resources!

  6. shelby anderson reply

    i think this is one of those “small elements”, or what every bride thinks will be a small detail until they actually start searching. honestly, this was almost as difficult as finding the perfect centerpieces. it’s not like i had been browsing ties my whole life to even know where to START!!! this was such a dilemma. we ended up using tie and the ties were really nice, but it would have been nice to know some different options at the time. awesome that you blogged about this!!!

  7. Ashley Link reply

    yay! this is perfect timing. my boyfriend’s birthday is coming up and he goes to hampden sydney college. they LOVE bow ties at that school and now i can get him one for a gift. yay! thanks so much! :)

  8. Susan reply

    I reccomend Beau Tie LTD. They are awesome!! They even have them for children

  9. rachel reply

    Girl I totally know what you mean :) I think I bough 30 ties and returned 28 of them before I found the right ones :) Thank goodness for return policies :) I ended up with for groomsmen and for ushers! So much tie-ness … great post!

  10. Stephanie Fox reply

    we had the same tie dilemma. i think we spent more time looking for ties than anything else, for real.

  11. Amelia reply

    We found ours on J Crew Factory webiste… only $20 and we loved them. We wanted the Vineyard Vines look but didnt want to pay the price.

  12. Elizabeth reply

    I ordered ours through the Cordial Churchman:

    They were super helpful about sending swatches and while they definitely promote themselves a purveyor of bow ties, they had no problem with making neckties for us. I ended up putting the groom and his best men in neck ties and the rest of the groomsmen in bow ties. GREAT people to work with!

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