Tracking Down the Ties

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planning MY wedding… I ran into a common problem! I would see ideas on wedding blogs (thank goodness I wasn’t addicted to Pinterest at the time!) and I would want to replicate those ideas for my wedding but I didn’t know HOW! Where do brides find adorable mix-matchy dresses? Where do they find custom signs and handmade jewlery? And WHERE in the WORLD did they find those awesome TIES and BOWTIES?!  I had a really bad tie dilema! It was quite frustrating. I bought several ties from Etsy that were just blah (however you CAN find amazing wedding stuff on there!!!)… and then I searched every department


store known to man…. I still couldn’t find the ties I wanted.  And it wasn’t that I was being overly picky… I literally couldn’t find ANYTHING that went with our theme!! I saw wedding after wedding with such AWESOME ties and yet I couldn’t figure out how to get my hands on some!  Luckily, I found  and I ordered a TON of ties for Michael to try. Unfortunately, I missed the return date and I STILL have all of those ties! You can read about that episode here!  Since my wedding, I have seen so many different tie combos and I’ve found a few more resources for fun ties that I want to share.  My hope is that no bride wastes the same amount of energy searching for TIES that I did!! :) So here are some resources to check out if you’re in need of some fun ties for your wedding day!:


Southern Ties



The Tie Bar
Bows – n- Ties
And for the preppy southern couples:  Vineyard Vines
Good Heavens
xoxo, Katelyn
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