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I’m dedicated…or at least I try to be. I’m sitting with my family at a McDonald’s while on vacation and I’m posting a Wedding Wednesday! EARLY! I wanted to post about our process of making custom save-the-dates! I love save-the-date magnets, postcards, etc…. but I had this idea of exactly what I wanted  in my head, it just took me a while to actually figure out how to make it happen.  To be honest, it took me until the NIGHT before we flew to Vegas for WPPI and our engagement session to figure it out! I decided at midnight that I wanted to make a custom “10.10.10” frame to go along with our theme! Creating the frame was the easy part, it was packing the frame and flying it to Vegas that took a lot of work!! So here is what I did….

I used this vintage frame from a thrift store ($1.50) and painted it to match the colors/theme of 10.10.10! Painting over the gold frame with a light coat of white still gave it a vintage look. Nothing about this is exact. In fact, the more messed up and asymetrical it became, the better!

Next I painted swirls and added lace, vintage flowers, and pearls! ($15.00)

I added the 10.10.10 by super gluing wooden numbers ($3.50) to the frame and wa-la!, we had a custom idea for our save-the-date.  Other people have done this before but no one has had a 10.10.10 frame with teal swirls and peacock feathers!  We carefully packed this in our suitcase and headed to Vegas for our engagement session with JD and Jasmine and here is what we ended up with!! I’ll be posting the actual save-the-dates next week! They are FINALLY in the mail! Woohoo!

xoxo, Katelyn
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