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It’s so funny to me how we are constantly changing and evolving into what has already been done before.  High-wasted pants and skirts, skinny belts at the waste…we love living in the past when it comes to fashion. The wedding industry is no different. Popular wedding blogs are SATURATED with vintage themed weddings! Anything old = awesome! I love it! Old, antique things have SO much character.  This large chest was something I found at a thrift store this week and we’re going to use it for our wedding in October! I thought it was only appropriate that it be featured on the blog before the big day!


So enjoy this oldy-goldy post and hopefully some of you future brides can pull some fun ideas from it! I’m off to my roommates Bachelorette party! Tis the season to be Married!!  xoxo, Katelyn

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Leslie reply

    xoxo, gossip girl

  2. Benita reply

    oh— I absolutely adore this!!! Great shots. And super fun idea. :)

    No clue how you stumbled upon my blog but I sure appreciate the comment. :) Your work is be-autiful!

    Lots of Love, xox

  3. Dani reply

    I LOVE this! I look forward to wedding Wednesday every week!

  4. Hope reply

    This is so cute! I lived in Hilton Village last year above the hobby shop, and when I moved I donated a chest JUST LIKE THIS that used as my coffee table in our living room, to a CHKD down the street… which was a from my friend’s mother in Fredericksburg… If this is the same one, that would be so cool! Love the post!!

  5. Real Weddings reply

    Gorgeous shots Katelyn, and such beautiful styling!

    We can’t wait to see more beautiful weddings from you :)

    Love the Real Weddings team x

  6. em reply

    So Cute! Love it. gosh, you’re so creative!

  7. micwedding reply

    wow, they are so beautiful, just twitter this post :)

  8. Alex reply

    a wonderful blast form the past

  9. caroline reply

    like like like LOVE!!

  10. Michael reply

    These are really cool. Glad you got to use that old suitcase. Where did you get that picture?? Love you!!

  11. Girish reply

    Nice arrangement and some very nice shots.

  12. Vitaliy reply

    Wow, every item fits in perfect! I love old/antique items. There is something about that green vase…I don’t know what it is but i love it!

  13. Lora Ayers reply

    Are you sure you’re not an interior designer also? You’ve got style! I can’t wait to see YOUR wedding!! :)

  14. Evie Perez reply

    Vintage is so classy!! I love how you incorporates vintage with s flair of modern. Looks good :)

  15. Becky reply

    Such cute details! I’d love to see this at a wedding!

  16. Lynn reply

    Very classy!

  17. Laura reply

    I don’t know how I missed this post. It’s lovely. Antiques/vintage are my weakness. One day my mom and I spent over an hour setting up little still lifes like this to take pictures of. They didn’t come out nearly as nice as these though. I can’t wait to see what you wedding pictures look like, especially if you’re going to use stuff like this. It’ll be awesome.

  18. Megen F reply

    these are really cool…and a little inspiring as a future bride…..

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