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I knew I loved branding and logos and just designing in general… but I just fell back in love with it recently when I started designing our wedding logo! Woo hoo!


Here’s the truth: This has been a HUGE roadblock for me.  I have been trying to design our logo since we got engaged in AUGUST and nothing was working. Every time I tried I ended up frustrated and overwhlemed! The logo really determines ALOT about a wedding. In a sense, it’s like a short term branding project. My font, colors, and theme are all tied into one logo and that logo sets the stage for the rest of the wedding planning! I would try an idea and then absolutely hate what I designed. I just couldn’t find the right font! Every “K” looked like an “H” and I grew so tired of trying that I finally came to the conclusion that it was just going to happen one day. One day I would come across a font that I LOVED and everything about the “look” of our stationary would fall into place.


Welp! Today was that day! Yay!  What a relief! I found the amazing “Feel Script” font and I think it has quickly become my new favorite!!! The swoops and dips of the capital letters give me goosebumps! Especially that uppercase “A”! Beautiful! ( and the goosebumps…It’s an artsy fartsy thing!, don’t judge.) It’s so perfect! After downloading the font, it literally took me 15 minutes to piece together 4 logos. They just fell right into place and I’m so happy with them!


Anyway, this is such a HUGE weight off my shoulders! I’m now off to use this amazing new font and design our “Save the Dates!”!!! Leave me some comment love and let me know what you think!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Amanda Hilborn reply


  2. John Naccarato reply

    Very nice logo! It definitely screams your personality.

  3. reply

    I love them all. I didn’t know Weddings had logo’s haha You are amazingly talented! Very nice!!!

  4. reply

    oh oh also try one of the M and K but use M & K to add more swirls to hold the letters together. just another idea:)

  5. Lynn reply


  6. Korie reply

    That font really is gorgeous! I’m going to have to go find it :) I completely understand not being able to go further with wedding details until your “branding” is perfect! Looks great!

  7. Spring reply

    As a fellow photographer/graphic designer I know your battle with fonts very well. I think you did a great job and i agree that font is PERFECT!!! I might have to go download it now ;)

  8. Girish reply

    Nice logo. The peacock and the header and footer design add a nice element to it.

  9. erin reply

    i ADORE that font. . . your save the dates are going to be SO amazing!

  10. Kelsey C reply

    ooh i love this! the second logo is my fave! and that peacock is so neat looking!

  11. Kristina N. reply

    I love the font, it’s beautiful and that “K” is very nice! Did you draw the peacock yourself?

  12. Blaine Sledge reply

    Those are awesome.

  13. Courtney Reese Photography reply

    Great job :) we had a logo for our wedding and it just made everything flow so well.

  14. Lauryn reply

    That A is so gorgeous!! You have to use that somewhere! And I love love love the peacock :-)

  15. Jessie reply

    The first one is definitely great for thank you cards and you could use leftovers for years to come. The peacock is gorgeous!! The middle one with just your first names could be cute for save the dates…and the A is amazing…<3

  16. Anna reply

    BEAUTIFUL :) Now, let the planning start rolling… less than 5 months left!!!! OH! AND… you’re graduating this weekend and you’ll be a for real deal, full-time photographer :) YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Tira J reply

    Gorgeous! I need to check out that font for some of my design work. Wish we had done something like that 10 years ago.

  18. Michael reply

    Yeah!!! These are awesome. Really glad we went ahead and got that font. The one with the last name and the big A is my favorite!!! -sent from my iPad!!!

  19. Rae Barnes reply

    oh, my gosh, I LOVE that “a” too! Beautiful!

  20. Andie reply

    LOVE it!!! The logos are perfect and I adore the faded peacock in the background and the lace border detail :) XO

  21. Brittany reply

    They look AWESOME!! I keep messing with ours- just not 100% satisfied yet!!!

  22. Diana Cox reply

    It’s gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Mimi reply

    I like the first one!

  24. Leslee reply

    Katelyn, they all look amazing! I am kind of partial to the “A” with tententen underneath of it, but all are gorgeous! (I love the M, probably because that will be the first letter of my last name in about 3 weeks!)

  25. Rima Patel reply

    Love ur wedding logo..peacock and fonts are awesome

  26. Katie Y oung reply

    Katelyn I LOVE it!!! So you =)
    and i simply adore your photography!! I want you to do my wedding!

  27. Lauren Cecora reply

    LOVE IT! Love the Michael & Katelyn one the best!

  28. caroline reply

    uumm woah. who knew you needed a logo?? WOW you’re incredible. looks great

  29. Emily Scott reply

    love it! i think the peacock and “M and K” would be perfect paired together.

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