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I’ve always dreamed of the ultimate shopping experience. It seems like a fairytale. My husband-to-be and I would walk around our favorite stores and literally select ANYTHING we loved for our registry. Like I said, the ULTIMATE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE! Well, that day has come! Michael and I have registered at some of our favorite places, the most exciting being Crate and Barrel! We love that place! It was so much fun walking around with our little gun and scanning everything we loved. We picked out fine china with tiny white pearl dots along the edges, teal napkins, green and teal paisley place mats and amazing bedding!


As exciting as this is, it is also a bit weird to get used to. Registering for gifts and having bridal showers is so humbling. I told Momma last week before my first shower that it seemed strange to receive gifts when I haven’t done anything! Sure, birthdays are a given and graduation gifts are received because you have worked extremely hard but wedding gifts, they are just given because people love you and want to celebrate with you! It’s that awesome! I never realized how sweet this was until I had my first shower last week. 30+ friends gathered and showered me with amazing gifts and I was so humbled! It’s an amazingly feeling to have people love on you in that way.


I’m also a little bit more sensitive to gifts than other brides may be. Have you ever heard of the 5 love languages? Well, my love language is “Gift Giving”. When I receive gifts, I am just beside myself! The fact that someone would take the time to think of me just melts my heart. Michael rolls his eyes when I remind him that buying me gifts is the best way to my heart! (I swear I’m not making this up!) Gifts mean more to me than affirming words, quality time, and acts of service combined. So you can imagine my excitement when I randomly received a package today that was addressed to Michael and me. I ran outside to ask Momma if she had ordered something for us and she hadn’t. I looked for a return address label and couldn’t find one and so I just opened it. I pulled out a beautiful, “Bride and Groom” Cookbook from William Sonoma and the note read “Congratulations! We’re so happy for you!! So much Love, Justin and Mary“.


Time out. Do you know who Justin and Mary are?! Probably one of the most talented and sweet spirited couples in the whole photography industry! I fell in love with their blog over a year ago and had the amazing privilege of connecting with them at their Spread the Love workshop in January. Words cannot express how much I love and admire these two. They teach about living a “life un-ordinary” and let me tell you, they practice what they preach. They had no reason to send Michael and I a gift accept that they can’t help but love on people. It literally blew me away and besides the squealing, I was speechless.


Justin and Mary, you guys rock our world. Michael and I adore you and your thoughtfulness made our day! Thank you for thinking of us!!! I promise you that my cooking is going to improve by leaps and bounds because of you! Michael is already grateful!


xoxo, Katelyn

Be sure to check out J & M’s blog and leave them some comment love!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Leslie reply


  2. Girish reply

    Congratulations :)

    Thanks for the link to J & M. Wonderful work.

  3. Mary Marantz reply

    Love you!!!! :)


  4. Mallory reply

    How cool is that?! A very surprising gift to receive! And I love that you mentioned the 5 love languages. My boyfriend and I did a study with that book and it was really cool to see what our different languages were and how we compared!

  5. Michael reply

    I really am excited for this!! She will get to practice with it this summer, I just hope that she follows the directions. She likes experimenting more than following recipes. So I am sure this is going to be more of a picture book and idea book, then a recipe book. Thanks so much Justin and Mary, you made our day!! Hopefully I will get to come to one of your amazing workshops that Katelyn always tells me about!!

  6. Liz Kausteklis reply

    That is the sweetest gift! I attended Justin & Mary’s Spread the Love Workshop a few months ago, and it was A-MAZING!! I learned so much from them, and I am continuing to try to live a life “un-ordinary”. There are SO many wonderful people in the industry like you, and J&M, and Jasmine Star…thank you for being inspiring!! *And Congrats on you upcoming wedding!!*

  7. Stephen LaBelle reply

    Yes katelyn you were quite excited about this yesterday… Also I loved how you wanted this cookbook long ago when you first saw it.

  8. Lydia reply

    I just adore Justin & Mary! Someday I’ll get to attend a workshop!

  9. lauryn reply

    that is unbelievably sweet of them! my love language is quality time! :-) that book was part of our pre-marital counseling, so awesome.

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