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I don’t even know what “Doilies” really are.  I just remember my Nanny giving them to us when we were little to make Valentines with! They’re definitely have pretty detail but I have yet to really understand what they’re used for. So, I came up with my own purpose for them!  I’ve seen this done in so many ways before so I thought I’d try it myself.  This is all you need:

$1 Doilies (Dollar Store)

Tissue Paper


White Ribbon

Fishing line

There are so many different ideas for decorating receptions. The centerpieces, though sometimes overwhelming, are very simple to do.  You just simply make a display for the table top and the possibilities are endless.   It’s above the tables that are a little more complicated! This is a simple solution for any type of reception, specifically a shabby-chic/country wedding!  It provides color and all kinds of detail! You could potential add larger and smaller tissue balls and create multiple layers! If only I had time, I would have done that.

However, it’s always a little interesting when I attempt these decorating adventures in the front yard.  My dear neighbors…. which just happen to be a house full of guys, thought I was hanging BRAS in the tree! Those guys will stay nameless for now! I set them straight and fussed at them for not knowing it was Wedding Wednesday! Gosh don’t they check the blog?! (They actually do and I love them for it!)  So, no Bras, just Doilies and Ribbon and a little tissue paper! Projects like these are high-impact, meaning that they can totally transform the look of a reception or any type of party for that matter! Try it someday!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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