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When Michael and I got engaged and I started planning our wedding, I knew this was going to be an awesome growing experience for the business.  I would be immersed into the wedding industry even further and I would be experiencing EVERYTHING that my brides go through in the planning process! I’m learning ALOT! This industry is so BIG and intimidating at times.  Michael and I started with figuring out the big vendors:


1. The Church (I mean, Daddy is the Pastor, we had some connections:)


2. Photography (Literally emailed Jstar the day after he proposed!)


3. Tent Rental and


4. Caterer


The first two were easy! The church and photographer had been decided for a while! The last two were a different story. Oh man, the stress!  Let me preface this by stating that I have NEVER planned a wedding before.  Nor have I planned any event that included over 350 guests! I didn’t know the ratio of chairs to people directly affected that atmosphere of the whole reception or that any caterer that was worth investing in would offer a site visit.  I didn’t even think about renting a light tower for field parking or a generator for the caterer’s setup.  I’ve never been a bride before and all of this information was just a little bit overwhelming at first!


Throughout the process of picking caterers and tent companies, there is one thing that I found that really drew me to a company.  Genuineness.  You gotta have it! I preach this so much when it comes to photography but it applies just as easily to any type other type of vendor.  I needed to feel like I connected with these people.  I wanted to be sure that they saw “my vision” for this wedding! During our site visit with Jill from PartyPerfect, we were walking around the field, randomly petting the dogs and discussing options.  Jill turned to me and said “So it sounds like you’re really into the details of how it looks first”.   That totally won me over.  Yes! Of course I’m obsessed with the all the little details! Had she not seen Wedding Wednesday before?!! She figured me out and won my trust.  Done.


It was a FREEZING fall evening when Michael and I drove down to Richmond to meet Ryan from Mosaic Catering.  Not knowing what to expect or what questions to ask, we walked into Mosaics modern showroom and into a elegantly decorated meeting room.  The granite tabletop and glasses of water that were waiting for us made me question if this was really an option for our budget.  Ryan introduced himself and we started talking about 10.10.10 and all the ideas we had.  I explained the theme we began talking about the display of the food.  Halfway through the conversation, Ryan mentioned that the display and presentation of the food is just as, if not more, important than the taste of the food itself!  TA-DA! I was sold.  We kept chatting and as we began to wrap up, Ryan mentioned that we should keep our options open and try out some other caterers to make sure Mosaic was the absolute, perfect fit for us.  As soon as Michael and I got into the car, I laughed and said, “Of course we’re not looking anywhere else! How could it get any better than that?!?”  We booked and I couldn’t feel more confident in our selection.


Throughout this whole process of selecting vendors, here are the things I found that really sold them to me!:

– They need to LISTEN first, then TALK

– They should patient and extremely explanatory when working with first time brides

– They respond QUICKLY to emails

Last but not least…

– You should be able to see their passion about their work!!


Vendor selection is by far one of the most stressful parts of the planning process but it can be done well! There are some AMAZING vendors out there and I really lucked out with two of the greatest in Richmond! This past Friday, I drove to Richmond and shot an event for my lovely tent company, Party Perfect.  I was BEYOND THRILLED when I walked in and realized that this event was catered by MOSAIC! Seeing my two vendors work together to put on a fabulous event was so much fun!! 101010 is going to be amazing!!!


Enjoy some shots from the nite!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Jasmine* reply

    Pee Ess: I {heart} You! :)

  2. John Scott reply

    that first set up with all the tables with those colors might be one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. At least for a banquet.. Totally gorgeous… everything is so classy about that…

  3. Sarah Hayes reply

    there is only one problem with stalking your blog…it makes me want to plan my own wedding. haha.

    the pictures look awesome. 10.10.10 is going to be fabulous! :]

  4. Leslie reply

    ^nu uh for real?

  5. Leslie reply

    (im referring to the first comment..if thats not an imposter)

  6. lindsey reply

    last picture makes me smile bc i have to pass that place at least 2 times a day <3

  7. Allison reply

    What a colorlish post! Great job on the detail shots!

  8. Jessica reply

    i think it’s awesome that your two vendors happened to be working together and even more awesome that all those colors look so phenomenal.

  9. j gar reply

    not gonna lie, this is probably better than whatever you were gonna do with those flowers that you picked. ok definitely better. and they weren’t even from your yard, trespasser. i still say you should’ve put them in brit’s bike basket. wow alliteration. also, that was probably your best writing yet, even if it took me 30 minutes to read, and i lost some interest once i finally got to ACTUALLY look at the pictures. the sushi makes me really hungry, as does all the other food. and i’m spent. i don’t know how you write more than this. but it was worth it.

  10. Michael reply

    Yeah!!! 10-10-10. Pics look great…when do we get to go do a taste test??

  11. britney reply

    Oh man that makes me want to dress up and go to some snazzy banquet in richmond and drink wine and eat cheese and pretend like i know art. what fun! lovely pics kk :)

  12. Alex reply

    everything looks so delicious!

  13. Kristina N. reply

    I want a flower on my salad! :D

  14. jamie delaine reply

    that food is so pretty. ;)

  15. Michelle Cross reply

    You’re adorable, your blog is adorable, and your wedding is going to be uber adorable. Eeeeek, I can’t even believe my cool new Virginia friends are so, well, cool!

  16. Jessie reply

    I love these! Noticed that Cooper Vineyards had some wine in the pictures…might I recommend their Noche (tastes like raspberries and chocolate) or their Vida (tastes like cotton candy)…I did a wine tour on the Heart of Virginia Trail with my boyfriend and it was AMAZING!!! Love Wedding Wednesdays!

  17. Evie Perez reply

    Seriously – you just made me hungry LOL. I am so happy for you and can’t wait to see the fruits of all your labor.

  18. Charity DellaCamera reply

    Love Party Perfect!!!!! AND …katelyn did you use as many exclamation points as I did hah :) Can not wait to see YOUR wedding photos!!

  19. Melody reply

    sooo nice! I love your wedding Wednesdays…although I have been married for 27 years…I love these :) Your night shots are awesome!!

  20. caroline reply

    i LOVE all the colors and the flowers and the colors!!!! they are going to do a really great job! so excited!!

  21. Maria Esther reply

    I love the table set up, sooo elegant!

  22. Stephen reply

    Ok I love that J* was the first comment! Also I really hope your reception has amazing (or any) wine, the tents are amazing, Michael loves the caterer’s taste tests, and there is sushi.

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