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break (I say that like I still have “Christmas Break”…. will I ever grow up?!) we were invited over to the Vath’s house for dinner. We love this family and always enjoy our time with them. We walked in and I immediately noticed the AMAZING winter tablescape Melissa had displayed in her dining room! Ohhhh sweet goodness. It was amazing… amazing that I made Michael run home to get my camera! (He’s the best:).  The reason I want to share this on Wedding Wednesday is because it’s inspiring! Melissa had collected cute and classy Christmas decor every year when the After Christmas sales hit and everything is always 80% off.

I mean, why not buy a huge, funky ornament that was $15.99 and now it’s $3!  She had the cutest collection of christmas decor and simply asked our dear friend Wendy Kelly to come help her assemble all of it. It’s amazing what you can do with a random pile of mismatch Christmas accents. I was completely amazed. It was so beautiful and deserves to be featured somewhere! Unfortunately it’s hard to send “Christmas Tablescape Ideas” to magazines or blog AFTER Christmas so I thought I would show it off on my blog….ya know, because I can. I don’t care if this is “Christmasy” and it’s almost valentine’s day! It’s beautiful and it inspires me to used my random collection of decor to make something GORGEOUS!


To all of you brides out there…. this concept of “using what you have” is so important….especially if you’re doing a DIY wedding! I’ll be sure to keep blogging about this because it can be really REALLY helpful when you’re trying to make displays for your wedding.  Try thinking outside of the box and use decor that you already own that could fit your theme! Ok, more on that later… on to the pictures!…



**  Melissa thank you for a wonderful dinner AND for letting me do a photoshoot in your dining room…. I’m sure that doesn’t happen very often… thanks for humoring me! I just couldn’t help it! **

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Molly reply

    Wow! That deserves a spot on the blog regardless if it’s February or not! :o) Love the non-traditional colors, this is simply beautiful! An invitation to sit around this table would definitely make you feel special!

  2. katie reply

    love it katelyn!!

  3. Catie reply

    That is amazing! I love the color combination in all of this. Its so whimsy winter :D

  4. Heather Corporan reply

    This would be a great idea for a Valentines Tablescape – just using all the red/silver/pink decorations. And anytime is a great time to post something that’s inspiring ; )

  5. Connie Bray reply

    And this deserves to grace the pages of Martha Stewart Living…..good gracious Katelyn….LOVE it

  6. Ann-Katherine Vath reply

    This looks familiar :)

  7. BLAKE reply

    My Sis got mad skills y’all. From brownies to salmon to homemade wrapping paper, she be the best. And Wendy Kelly ain’t all that bad either.

  8. Cyndi VanHerpe reply

    Beutiful pics! Especially inspiring to me since I have the SAME china pattern!!! (It’s it Wedgewood Crown Gold?@?) I love my china…you can reinvent your tablescape so many different ways with it! Beutiful! Great pics Katelyn!

  9. boppy reply

    did some of that come from the martin house or do mom and daughter have the same good taste

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