• Our Camping Adventure | Fall 2015

After our triple header weekend in October, we left our third wedding and drove straight to Lexington. We went to Big Spring Farm and spent the night. We slept in, did a few things to prep the blog posts for that week and then we packed the car and went on an adventure! CAMPING!! My parents have had an RV since I was born. Pop-ups, Trailers, Class-C’s, Class A’s… we’ve tried them all! We went camping when we were growing up instead of renting beach houses or going to Disneyland and I wouldn’t have ever wanted it to be any different.

Because Daddy still has a camper that our family uses several times a year, we asked if the four of us could use it and go on a little adventure! Of course Kevin James said yes and so off we went!! West Virginia here we come! We pulled out of the farm and the adventure began!! We were headed to Burning Rock…. that’s right….our final destination was FOUR WHEELER TRAILS!!!! It may have been cold and rainy but that didn’t keep us from having a blast! We rode four wheelers up and down the mountainside all day, had a campfire at night, made the most amazing dinner, played games and just relaxed in the middle of no where!! Some people would want to finish a triple header and just sleep for 4 days and that did sound nice…. but hanging out in the mountains with our best friends was the absolute BEST way to celebrate the end of our wedding season!!! :)

Jilly made a little video on her IPHONE of our trip and we love it! She’s AMAZING! Ps. If you love this.. you’ll love following her on INSTAGRAM!! Enjoy the video! …. Especially the ending… we worked REALLY hard on that part. :) Enjoy a little snapshot of our trip!!!

First pit-stop… we didn’t start our journey on the healthiest note!

We made a few stops along the way for some views! … And some jumping!

Our home!

Sandstone Falls! Gorgeous!

If anyone wants to know how we took group photos…. this is how on the left! We also stuck a knife in the tree and rested the phone on it!

They were so proud of themselves! haha

Inside our little home!

I can’t believe I’m going to show you these! :) I was looking rough!

Muddy faces! Cold toes! Warm hearts…. haha JK, that’s so cheesy. But seriously, we had a great time!

What a view!


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xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Deborah Zoe reply

    This makes me smile :D

  2. Sarah Anne Hayes reply

    Aww! I love this! Looks like you guys had such a great time! :)

  3. Elizabeth reply

    SO fun! I’m so glad you had a great adventure + love seeing your travel photography, too. :)

  4. Katie reply

    You guys are the best hahaha

  5. Buddy reply

    Ah y’all are the best! Camper vacations for life!

  6. Annetta reply

    Beautiful country! Looks like you had fun!

  7. Shelby reply

    This looks like SO MUCH fun! I love how real the photos are. You said you can’t believe you were sharing them but you still looked absolutely beautiful, as always. Thanks so much for sharing. You are an inspiration to so many, including me ;)

  8. Brenda James reply

    Best Blog post ever!!!! :) And the video is awesome . . . especially the ending! So glad you guys had a great time in the camper; makes me want to revive our 4-wheeling days! I LOVE CAMPING and making wonderful memories with our family.

  9. Rebekah Carter reply


  10. Cassia Denner reply

    Love it!

  11. Lindsey reply

    I am in love with all of your photos, adventures, and love between you all!!

    How does Jilly make her videos? What program does she use?

  12. color picker reply

    So beautiful. Look like you had a great adventure.

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