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Thanksgiving trip to Michael’s Aunt Susan and Uncle Ed’s home in Charleston, WV we took some portrait’s for Michael’s cousin… and when I say “we”… I mean that I took the pictures and Michael followed me around distracting all of the dogs so that they wouldn’t join in the picture! ha! It was by far the fastest senior session I have EVER done in my life. I should have timed myself because I’m pretty sure I beat the Senior Session world record. Will’s pictures were done in about 15 minutes! It helped that Susan has a beautiful yard! Doing senior portraits for a boy is so different than shooting portraits for a girl. Girls get into it….like REALLY into it.

We’re talking 4 outfits changes, poses, serious faces, etc etc. For Will, I could have taken 3 pictures and he would have been more than fine with that! So I tried to make his portraits as pain-less as possible and in 15 minutes, we were done!! We even did a few family shots too! I felt like I had accomplished SO much in SO little time. That’s a great feeling! …. Speaking of accomplishing things… I have a HUGE to-do list sitting right here between me and my diet mountain dew and it’s calling my name. So I must go but enjoy a few favorites!!

He’s a cutie! and super photogenic!


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  1. Michael reply

    He is a stud, what can I say he is my cousin. haha They look awesome and now he can say he has been on the BLOG!

  2. Alex reply

    Wow! Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! Love them!

  3. Martha Phillips reply

    Fabulous pictures of Will! He is so handsome. We are so proud of him.

  4. Girish reply

    Great photographs. Really like the portraits shots in the end. Very nice.

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