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engaged, the first thing to do is SCREAM and call everyone you love and scream some more! Then, after calling and notifying the close friends and family, you can make the “Relationship Status” change on Facebook. That part is ALMOST as exciting as the shiny new rock on your finger!! Then you start looking at the calendar and thinking of possible dates….. and then the next step is to choose a VENUE, book it…. and then book your photographer! (Well, that’s the order that my planning took place:).  After you have booked your photographer and have shot your engagement session… the time has come for SAVE THE DATES.

Some people like to shorten this phrase to “STD’s” and even though I’ve been in this industry 3+ years, that STILL throws me off at first!!


So when it comes to Saves the Dates… most couples opt for “The Postcard” style. That’s what I used for our wedding and it worked well! However, we ordered 5×7 postcards instead of a 4×6 size. This was fine until I realized I couldn’t use “Postcard” stamps on a 5×7 card! So if you’re engaged and looking into ordering Save-the-date postcards… be sure to make them 4×6 or smaller so that you can save $$ on postage!  I used because I wanted rounded corners on my postcard and they have a great CHEAP “rounded edges” option! (but don’t be fooled, they are NOT “Overnight” prints… their name should be “Shipped in a week” Prints).


I love it when couples make their Save the Date their own!  This should be fun! It’s not as formal as a wedding invitation so feel free to lighten up a bit! Some couples use props and numbers the show their date while some go all OUT! …. Like Mandy and Josh.  Oh how I love these two. I’ve known them a long time and I should have expected that they would be coming up with something fun for their Save the Date. I feel like only these two could pull this off THIS well! Mandy and Josh will be getting married May 5th…. which most of you will realize is Cinco de’ Mayo! So they wanted to make sure their Save-the-Date was appropriate!! Haha. I love this so much!  They aren’t having a “Cinco de Mayo” themed wedding by any means…. but this was a great way to make their Save The Date unique! I’m sure it catches several extra glances while it sits on people’s refrigerators!



xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Holly reply

    Love! It is proudly on the center of our fridge! I bought a corner rounder punch for Michaels for ours. I should have just splurged the $2 extra and had the company do it. :)

  2. Danny Douglas reply

    I love how playful your couple is. This makes for an excellent Save The Date card!! {STDs? Can we just call them “Saves” for short :) }

  3. Rachel Tatem reply

    Too funny! That’s really neat

  4. Josh reply

    haha, thanks KK! also, we somehow got cheap postage included in our price even though ours are super oversized postcards! We ordered them from Vistaprint and actually both got a Groupon thing for it, so the total price of save the dates (groupon included) was about $50. yay for cheap! Hope that info helps somebody!

  5. Patience and Joe reply

    We love this! Fun couples are the best. Looking forward to seeing the wedding pictures in a few months, you do such great work.

  6. Maria reply

    How cute and fun!

  7. Gabby / En Route Photography reply


  8. Mandy reply

    Aw KK, I’ll never stop getting excited about being on the blog! I’m so glad you liked the Save-the-Date…they were really fun to make! But, like so many things with this upcoming wedding/pictures/etc.–we couldn’t have done it without you :) Love you!

  9. britney reply

    this has GOT to be one of my favorite “save the dates” ever. i laughed when i got it in the mail and then hung it up in my room hahah

  10. Tatyana reply

    SO fun!

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