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There is always something going on in DC! Whether it’s a garden tour, marathon or protest, something is happening and people are always EVERYWHERE! It’s a fun city that’s full of excitement and while Michael and I aren’t fans of DC traffic, it was fun to shoot at such a gorgeous, historic location. The Willard is just amazing, and we were so thankful that everything took place in one location!! That made our job so much easier!! Philip and Cheryl actually found this location by accident! They had toured another local hotel and weren’t 100% in love with it and so they left a little defeated and just happened to walk through the Willard on accident! It was perfect! Philip said they knew instantly that this is where they wanted to get married and so Saturday, they did just that! They were married in a gorgeous ballroom full of cherry blossoms and candlelight.

It was stunning. The cherry blossom branches draped over the aisle and everyone that entered the room was just in awe of the beauty! It was jaw dropping!!

As we began the day with Philip and Cheryl, Michael spent some time with the boys and I started the day with the girls. As soon as I saw Cheryl’s dress I knew it was going to be one of those days when I take WAY too many bridal portraits!! I just can’t help it!! She was glowing and her light pink ombre wedding gown was something unique that I had never photographed before! I loved hanging out with the girls and hearing stories about how they all met.  The more I heard them speak about Cheryl, the more I realized just how loyal of a friend she is to the people in her life. Her best friend and maid of honor has been by her side since elementary school. They would talk on the phone for HOURS even though Jill couldn’t speak english until she was older! That’s friendship at its’ finest!!

If Cheryl is that amazing of a friend, she’s going to be equally amazing as a wife. Philip is one lucky man and I couldn’t help but smile behind my camera and they were pronounced husband and wife!! It was such an honor to be a part of their day and I can’t WAIT to show you this gorgeous wedding!!! Enjoy this Willard Hotel DC wedding! Ps. As always, it’s such a fun day to shoot along side the talented Josh Gooden!! We’re so thankful for friends like him in the industry!!!

Yep! There she is in all of her glory! Such a fun gown! 

Looking good Philip!!

This is dress #2… because Cheryl is awesome like that. 

Gift time!!


I always love these first look moments!

Love this!!

Ha! These guys.

Oh Cheryl… you’re beautiful!!!!!

This is a new favorite bridal portrait for me!!

They are such naturals!

Group hug!

Michael’s angle… it’s always a good angle:)

Oh my goodnessssssss.

Ohh don’t you love it?! 


I’m not a big 24mm fan for portraits but I loved this one from Michael! He just gets better and better!

Yep…. jaw dropping.

Their choreographed first dance was so beautiful….

And then it turned into this! ha! 

Ceremony | The Willard InterContinental
Reception | The Willard InterContinental
Florists | Edge Florist
Dress | David’s Bridal
Groomsmen | Jos. A. Banks
DJ | Premier DJ Services
Videographer | Josh Gooden
Coordinator | Elizabeth Connor
Hair & Makeup | Beautiful Life Salon
Invitations | The Knot  
Cake |  The Willard InterContinental
xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Urška Majer reply

    Wow! This is such an amazing wedding! Her dress is omg stunning!

  2. Shawna reply

    Wow! Absolutely gorgeous! The couple, the dress, the Details, the venue and of course the photography’!!!!

  3. Erin reply

    Dang! Her dresses… oh my word!!! Everything was beautiful and you captured it perfectly Katelyn!

  4. Erin reply

    Dang! Her dresses…oh my word!!! Amazing wedding!

  5. ashley link reply

    her dress!!!!! AHH!!! perfection! this wedding is royalty! i love it!!! great job! gah!!! everything looks so beautiful! and that group dancing picture of everyone looks so epic! great job, you guys! :)

  6. Anna Burke reply

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!!

  7. Kat reply

    I Am OBSESSED with BOTH of her dresses!!!!!!

  8. Natalie Kent reply

    OMG, I would’ have gotten so lost in all the small details of this wedding, I would have probably forgotten about the wedding itself LOL!!

  9. SHalese reply

    OH MY GOSH all that pnk!!! The venue is such a dream, and so is that ceremony dress!

  10. Shannon Shaughnessy reply

    the adorable asian ringbearers…I just died. This is beautiful KK!!

  11. ashley barnett reply

    Katelyn!!!!! INCREDIBLE. I could not be more obsessed with her dresses and her bouquet – the cherry blossoms are so fluffy and they fit the vibe perfectly. You rocked this one OUT!

  12. Meghan reply

    Unbelievable job as always !! Question- how do you turn these over so quickly? I’m 2 weeks out for portraits, and my wedding photos took months to come back and I know they out sourced! I would love to hear your secrets!:)

  13. Elisabeth Wright Davis reply

    This is one of the most breathtaking weddings you’ve done. KUDOS!!!

  14. Laura reply

    Gorgeous wedding. Beautifully captured, Katelyn!

  15. laura beth stricker reply


  16. Meredith Sledge reply

    HOLY MOLY! Katelynnnnnnnnn!!! These are so so phenomenal! That’s my new word for your work but these in particular made my jaw drop. WOW! This is totally my type of wedding! How beautiful! You captured everything perfectly!

  17. Tangie reply

    Beautiful photos, beautiful wedding!

  18. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    This is amazing! Cheryl’s hair is absolutely beautiful and all your portraits of the couple are jaw dropping. Amazing, amazing!

  19. Kristina W. reply

    Oh my godness. This wedding is amazing and needs to be in tons of magazines right away. Everything is so beautiful!!!!! Congratulations Philip and Cheryl!

  20. Kathryn Grace reply

    Wowee, what an elaborate affair!

  21. Julianna reply


  22. Caroline Logan reply

    IS THIS REAL LIFEEEE?!!!!! THESE are insane. WOWWWWWWW! That’s all there is to say :):):)

  23. Robyn reply


  24. Anna reply

    OMG! I love this! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Love her dresses, the flowers, the details, what a stunning wedding! Beautiful Images Katelyn!!! <3

  25. Jeanine Rose reply

    WOW. Seriously gorgeous in every way. I love that dance floor photo with the head pieces. The softness and color scheme is beautiful.

  26. Becca reply

    Quite possibly my favorite wedding you’ve done! Do you think I have time to replan my wedding to be in DC by June 1?! :]

  27. Tonya Damron reply

    i don’t even like pink and this is just to die for!!!! omg! wow

  28. Christin reply

    This wedding is absolutely gorgeous! You captured it perfectly!

  29. Nicole reply

    Please help me find this dress!!! We have been searching for it for months. All I need is a style a style number. It doesnt exsisting on their website cause it was some sort of trial style thing and apparently they only had it in stores. We found it once but it has been lost since. please help!!! A style number is all I need so I can call around and maybe find a store that still has one. You would be making my best friends dream come true. Either that or someone with a 12-14 they would be willing to sell. Please we are seriously in need of some help.

  30. Jaclyne schettini reply

    Is there any way you could get the style number of the ball gown from the bride it”a my dream dress and David’s didn’t

  31. Jaclyne schettini reply

    it in my favorites so I have no way to find it. Thank you so much in advance. Ps all of these are absolutely stunning!

  32. Nicole reply

    thank you soooooooo much cheryl and KATELYN james!!!! You lovely ladies have helped me find this dress for my best friend Jaclyne. we couldnt have found it without your help. In effort to help anyone else that is looking for this dress it is a Galina Signature from Davids Bridal style number swg585. Theyre only in stores, and theyre arent many left, so you are probably going to have to call place to place and look. As far as I know right now there is a size 12 in Lawrenceville Nj store. Thank you again Cheryl and Kathryn!!! You’ve made our year lol!!!

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