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Every year I have a winter wedding that I book and I think “Man! That’s so far away!”.  When Joe and Melissa booked back in the summer, December seemed so far off…. like it would never get here! Then fall came and that wasn’t the case anymore. Before I knew it, we were 2 weeks away and I was wondering where the month of December had gone!! Joe and Melissa tied the knot in Hampton, VA this past Saturday at Liberty Baptist Church. This is a random fact but my grandparents are members at Liberty and my mom and dad were actually married there many moons ago! It was good to be in a familiar area with familiar people that I love! If you remember from their engagement shoot, 

I mentioned that I went to college with these two and served on a leadership team with them as well! They weren’t dating back then… they actually weren’t ever interested in each other! But oh how things have changed!!  These two couldn’t be more in love and ready to start this new phase of life together. They are a wonderful example of God’s perfect timing. Their relationship began and there wasn’t any wondering or guessing if this was right… they just knew, this was it!! All their friends and family rejoiced with them on Saturday and it was a beautiful celebration! The morning rain scared us a bit but the skies cleared RIGHT before their first look and I couldn’t have been more thrilled!!!! It worked out perfectly and we were even able to get some glowy evening shots! (which is hard to do in the dead of winter!) So enjoy this beautiful wedding of my two sweet friends and Happy New Year everyone!!


Sweet moment…



Nice Joe!!!

Michael’s shot…..

Please take notice of the runner in the background. Priceless.


Michael’s shot:)

So cute! 

Recognize these guys?!! So many KJ brides at one wedding!! Love them all!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. molly stillman reply

    what a STUNNING wedding, katelyn!! absolutely gorgeous. and i’m sorry i almost DIED laughing from that EPIC photobomb by that runner! hilarious.

  2. Ahna Beth reply

    Beautiful, Katelyn!!! I love all those KJP couples in ONE blog post! I recognized Shannon immediately. The post ceremony lighting was FANTASTIC!

  3. Katie Nesbitt reply

    This is so pretty!!! I shot a wedding at the Sandy Bottom Park this summer (we live almost next door to it!!) and it’s so neat to see your shots at the same place! Love the beautiful light in their portraits!!

  4. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    Beautiful! As I was looking through the post, I thought I saw lots of KJP brides and grooms…how neat! So glad you had a winter wedding because I needed a little KJ wedding inspiration!

  5. Laura Hernandez reply

    You never cease to amaze me. The details you capture are breathtaking. Just from viewing your post I feel like I was there. Total awesomeness.

  6. Sara Winant reply

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MoJoe, you two re gorgeous :) I am so biased towards this post…2 incredible friends married, amazing wedding party (especially my husband ;)), and that picture of all us KJ brides is so cute!!! Katelyn you ended the year amazingly, praying for many more incredible couples and weddings for you to capture in 2013!!

  7. Kristina W. reply

    I have been looking forward to this post for so long! I’m so happy for Joe and Melissa! Joe and I lived next door to each other our freshman year of college so I’m so happy that he found someone as wonderful as Melissa. Katelyn, the photos are gorgeous! The winter glowy light is perfect, and the photos in the row boats are fantastic.

  8. Annamarie reply

    BEAUTIFUL! I love that house that you took some of their portraits in front of…also I love all of the black and whites!! so rich and pretty!

  9. Kathryn Grace reply

    Soooo beautiful!

  10. Erica C. reply

    Curious about the B&Ws. They really can be so elegant. They are also a great cover/solution for less than ideal color combos or lighting issues. Curious what prompted them here? Request of the bride? Challenge of winter light?

    The “glowy light” and lacy patterns of the gazebo are terrific and def. my favs. Bride also looks calm and very happy in these post ceremony shots. The canoe shot with the water reflections are also money.

    Hmm…my fav. photo captures seem to be pretty consistent, happy light/shadow play and reflections tend to pop to the top of the list.

  11. ashlyn reply

    such a cute couple! especially loved the shot of the brides praying. And the groom photo with the runner- perfect! :)

  12. ashley link reply

    LOVE the gangnam style shot! so fun! the boat shots are really pretty and remind me of the notebook for some reason haha. also, i never would have even noticed the runner in the background if you wouldn’t have said anything haha. totally caught me by surprise! haha. great pictures! so beautiful! :)

  13. jamie reply

    what a fun couple and these are all gorgeous!! the runner in the background is fantastic. ;) Made me laugh.

  14. Annetta reply

    A job well done again Katelyn. I love the house shots as well as the ones in the boats.

  15. Heather @ Beyond the Aisle reply

    I love the PURPLE! Those first look shots are gorgeous.

  16. Urška Majer reply

    wow! Gorgeous!

  17. Alex reply

    so many wonderful moments!! love the shots of the bride wearing the shawl.

  18. Lauren Tapscott reply

    These are so sweet:) Mo- you look beautiful! Your bouquet is stunning!! Also- I love the pics with you wearing the pashmina- so elegant:)

  19. georgi barker reply

    You captured the day perfectly, Katelyn! We’ve known Joe since he was 12 years old, and were privileged to be guests at this wedding. Thanks for sharing your beautiful images. I especially love the ones of Melissa and Joe in the boat!

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