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keep saying that all of these recent sessions were FREEZING… I’m not exaggerating! Not one bit! It’s been COLD in Virginia so far this winter and we have already had a good amount of snow (but I’m still hoping for MORE! I love snow!!!).  So once the temperatures were dropping and the snow fell, Emily emailed me and asked if we should cancel because really, who takes their engagement pictures in 28 degree weather?! No one…… except Mike and Em. I talked her into bundling up and just having a wintery session last week and I’m SO glad we did! The snow does amazing things with light! It’s like having a huge natural

reflector around me constantly!  Emily and Mike are getting married in April and I’m so excited! … I’m excited for ALL of my 2011 weddings next year….(Blog stalkers… the lineup is looking good…. get pumped for some amazing couples!)  Since the wedding is in early spring we really needed to get their engagements done now and so despite the fact that Emily abhors cold weather….we made it happen. Their whole session took place where Mike grew up, in Dinwiddie county. (You have to say that with a “twang” to say it right).  As I was driving the back country roads with no lines on them, I felt like I was heading back to my home in Caroline County. There isn’t much there besides cow pastures and bean fields. Luckily Mike’s granny’s property had a great abandoned barn with tons of great locations. We made their session happen in about an hour and then I jumped in my car and blasted the heat the whole way home!


Mike and Emily I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you walking through briar patches, freezing to death and dealing with my crazy ideas. You two are awesome and I am beyond thrilled to be capturing your wedding day!! Enjoy some of my favorites!!

Love this so so much! Emily you’re beautiful!

I love Granny’s barn!

Mike! Wow! I TOLD you that you had a good model face!

A favorite for sure!


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  1. Korie Lynn reply

    This session is delicious! I think everyone needs to grab some hot chocolate before viewing these snowy jewels…way to conquer the snow, Katelyn! :)

  2. stephanie b reply

    LOVE these!!

  3. Brittany reply

    These are great!! I’m SOO hoping for a little bit of snow next month ;)

  4. jenn reply

    it does look like it was freezing, but the pictures are great! i love the old barn… what a neat way to use something special to his family! :)

  5. Jess Black reply

    Emily you look gorgeous! I am so excited for this wedding! :D Great photos Katelyn!

  6. betty reply

    the picture with the snowy-topped bush has a statue of a little boy who is eavesdropping on them! it’s a great shot!

  7. Linda Gould reply

    Congratulations Emily and Mike! I love the red coat effect! What beautiful shots….you have the very best photographer ever!

  8. Bella Johnson reply

    boo-ya! I love it. Also love that I’m not the only photog doing shoots in freezing weather lol

  9. Christy reply

    I love these! I just did a shoot in the FREEZING (like 0 degree) Chicago weather – with ice & snow all around – so I know what you’re talking about! (Snow does make a fabulous reflector though!) :) Beautiful shots…

  10. Suzanne reply

    There’s something so sweet and natural about these. I love them!

  11. Sydni Jackson reply

    Emily these are awesome!! Y’all look SO good! Katelyn I love the scenery shots – esp the gumballs :)

  12. katie b reply

    love the old tractor :))) Merry Christmas!

  13. Heather Corporan reply

    What a bunch of crazy kids . . .coooold! lol. They are absolutely gorgeous photos though, so good for them for taking a leap of faith! I LOVE the one of them next to the huge christmas tree (that’s what I’ve named it ; )

  14. Joan reply

    Michael, Granny would have loved these pics!! I can’t believe you are no longer my little cousin the pest! Your bride to be is beautiful, the pictures are gorgeous & you are as handsome as ever! Love to you both!!

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