• Enjoying the Down Time

Work from rest and rest from work. We’re not perfect at it but we’re trying to get better at making time to have fun and get away from the laptop. This weekend we fly to Illinois to speak at the Reset Conference and then we headed to Big Spring Farm for a few days. It’s amazing what 2-3 days of minimal working can do for the soul. We all need that. Michael and I know that we need to work on our “resting” skills. It really doesn’t come natural for me….. but the past 3 days were proof that I’m getting better… little by little! :)

It’s so wonderful to have friends that both understand your need to get some stuff done as well as when to tell you to get off your laptop. :) We loved our time at the farm and what made it even better was that our sweet friends Troy and Aimee were visiting from California!! What a treat!! We love these two and we’re so thankful for some time together in Lexington!! We went on a little cruise around the spring, we visited Pippin Hill, we semi-hiked up to see the most amazing views, we ate great food and we laughed… A LOT.

Here are a few a peeks of our time away… and you know what my favorite part was?! Introducing Bokeh Boy to Troy and Aimee! We always tell people that they would love Bokeh 10x more if they got to snuggle with him in real life and I think the Grovers would agree. :) Huge thanks to Bud and Jill for, like always, being the most amazing hosts!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Amanda Veronee reply

    Big spring farm looks so relaxing and peaceful!! :)

  2. Megan Kelsey reply

    Cannot WAIT to see the farm in person at the end of the month!!! Also, I’m blogging about rest in a few days too! So funny that we both had that on our blogging calendars!! I just took off two weeks for Hawaii and it was AMAZING. I feel more ready than ever for wedding season!! :)

  3. Natalie Young reply

    Aw we love Troy and Amy! We met up when they were in Ontario shooting a wedding! So fun!!! :)

  4. Kirti Goyal reply

    i like your writing. Thanks for sharing these types post with us.

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