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of the year again! Workshop season!! Wedding season is still in full force and it’s not over until November 16th! We’re hosting the Fall 2012 Workshop Experience on Friday November 16th and also hosting a Q&A Brunch for any attendees that are interesting in investing in additional Q&A time! This is something BRAND NEW this year and we’re excited about it! One of the disadvantages of workshops is that there are about 12-15 attendees and only one of me. I would like to sit and chat with individual attendees that have more personal questions about their specific business needs and so the Q&A Brunch is the time to make that happen.

If you’re a photographer and you feel like you would benefit more from one-on-one coaching, Coaching dates for Jan, Feb, and Mar will be posted in December and I would love to see you there!


The Q&A Brunch does not mean questions will not be addressed at the workshop! They will most definitely be answered! However, when 15 photographers are in the room, there are always EXTRA questions that we would need HOURS to get through.  So, the Q&A brunch is providing that additional time and additional information.  Any photographer attending the workshop that would like this additional time and additional information is welcome to come! The Q&A Brunch however is only available for workshop attendees.


I’m so pumped to meet these new friends and teach them what I’ve learned over the last 4 years!  Workshops are a great time to build friendships but I will be the first to say that this isn’t fluff. I’m not a big fan of “fluffy” workshops that leave you will no new information or inspiration. This is a workshop to help you take it to the next level. Whether you’re brand new and just need to know how in the WORLD to run a business… or whether your pricing is at the $1800 mark and you know that you need to bump it up to $2500 but just don’t know how….this workshop is for you. I’m going to walk you through my journey into this industry and I can’t wait to meet you all!! If you have ANY questions about the workshop, please email me. Because of Godaddy’s massive DNS failure today, my website is down (website, not the blog:)  If you’re interested in RESERVING YOUR SEAT, you can do that HERE!

 You can find out more details about the Q&A Brunch here!  I really am so excited to have some time to just answer personal and specific questions for individuals! Contact me if you have any questions! The Q&A Brunch is not a mandatory part of the Workshop Experience. However, you can only attend the Brunch if you are a workshop attendee.





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  1. Carrie Logan reply

    ooooohhhhhh yeah!! so wishing i was going AGAIN this fall just because i learned so much and it was such an awesome experience ;) people, you need to go to this! like without a doubt. best money ever spent. promise!

  2. ali w reply

    WOOHOO! The Workshop Experience is gonna be so great with the addition of the Q&A. It will give people a chance to let “it” sink in and to sleep on their thoughts. Great idea girl!!

  3. Laura Elizabeth reply

    Wish I lived closer!! Sounds amazing!

  4. Annetta reply

    YAAAHOOOO!! FINALLY! I’m coming! LOVE the Q&A that your going to do afterwards. Hope to see you then.

  5. Taryn reply

    CONGRATS!!! How awesome you sold-out so fast! You rock.

  6. Sabrina reply

    Wow! That sold out fast! And this is why I signed up so quickly back in the spring :-) Congrats, Katelyn! And congrats to all those that will be there in November!! The Workshop Experience is just that… and experience worth every penny and effort to be there. It’s so worth it on so many levels!

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