WPPI 2012

  • Flashy Lights & Late Nights

around 5:30, checked into the hotel and made our way upstairs. The doorbell dinged on the 25th floor and we were greeted by screams and “woohooooo’s” from Buddy and Jill! They arrived a few hours before us and we couldn’t WAIT to see them! We’re staying at the Signature at the MGM and our room is amazing…. and did I mention the VIEW?! The view is incredible!!!! Vegas has never looked so beautiful! We’re loving our time here. The people, the food and the community is absolutely amazing!! THANK YOU to everyone who has said hello, given hugs and have  gone out of your way to make new friends!

Michael and I have loved meeting you all!! YAY for new  friends and an amazing trip! I’m excited for our last day today!…. and NOT excited about the 6am flight home tomorrow. Here are some highlights of WPPI 2012!!!!! … Starting with OUR VIEW from the room… WOW!


Friends and roomies!!

The dinner planner

Our Sweet Suite!

My FAVORITE building in ALL of Vegas!!!

Whenever I see cool buses I take a pic for my dad and brother! …. This one is like from the FUTURE or something!

Good morning!!

Jas… you go girl!

Photographer’s UNITE!!! An amazing night of worship and fellowship! I loved being able to help lead worship and meet some INCREDIBLE people!! We were feeling the love in that tiny, WARM room!

Great message!!

awwwwwww love him.

Love them!!!

Hanging in the room!

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  1. Stephanie Uptmor reply

    Thanks for sharing the experience! My husband and I really hope to go next year! Looks like so much fun!

  2. Jill & Buddy Powers reply

    Awwww! LOVE these! It’s been such a fun time and I just don’t want it to end!!!

  3. Abby Grace reply

    These are such cute photos of you two! It makes me really want to go to WPPI next and to bring Matt with me. Have a great flight tomorrow!

  4. Gabby / En Route Photography reply

    Oh how I wish I could have gone to WPPI… maybe next year!!!

  5. Hannah reply

    This looks SO amazing!!! I wasn’t a huge fan of Vegas when we went. I love the bright lights and the delicious food, but I was a bit overwhelmed with everything else. It’s much more exciting to know about this aspect of Vegas. Also, you guys are the cutest!

  6. Christy reply

    Awww – you were WAY better about remembering to take photos than I was! These are fabulous! (Also, I’m totally staying in The Signature next time after hearing about it from all the Showiteers – jealous!) :) It was so good to meet you finally Katelyn! I’m sure you’ll be just as happy to get home to Bokeh as I was to see my little Chloe pup last night! Have a safe trip back! :)

  7. lauren jolly reply

    wow! that looks like an amazing time!! it’s definitely on my to-do list for next year!!

  8. bethany reply

    It looks so fun! What a great time. Next year we are IN!

  9. Lupe Ruiz reply

    looks like you had an amazing time! I hope to go next year! :) I’d love to meet you in person!!

  10. jamie reply

    i can not wait to hear all that you learned! looks like an amazing time!!

  11. Meredith Sledge reply

    These are all SO cool! I love the last one! :)

  12. katie yuen reply

    It looks like you had an AMAZING time! I wanted to “like” each image you posted! I can’t wait to hear more about it!!!!!!!

  13. Retha reply

    Hi, Las Vegas looks wonderful! One day I will also go. Your hair is always behaving. Lucky Girl!

  14. Rebecca C reply

    Katelyn! I love your blog and have been following it for quite some time. Do you follow non-photog blogs? You should check out– this blog reminds me of something you’d love. She loves the lord, is witty, and inspiring!

    Anyway, I’m glad you had a great time in Vegas!

  15. Elizabeth reply

    looks like you had such an amazing trip!!!! i hope to someday make it out to WPPI!!! and you and michael are adorable….just sayin’ :)

  16. Nancy Mitchell reply

    It looks like you had a great time. I am sad I had to miss it. You also have an amazing voice Katelyn! I loved that I could watch some snipets via SHOWIT.

  17. emily reply

    i probably tweeted about trying to stalk and find you about 20 thousand times, and was so sad we never crossed paths so i could tell you how much i love your blog in person! it looks like you had an awesome time still, and so did i :) hopefully someday i’ll get to meet you face to face!

  18. Rici reply

    hey! Your LV excperience sounds awesome! I loove the pic of you and Michael on the balcony. you look soooo happy! and I really like the idea of worship at a photographers meeting. That is simply amazing! Greetings from Germany.

  19. Jillian Tree reply

    Katelyn, I never got a chance to meet you at wppi, though I dearly dearly wanted to!! I wanted to tell you in person how inspiring you are as a woman of God & how I love following your blog! You did an AMAZING job singing at Unite. you can actually totally see me in the bright pink sweater in your picture of us all crowded in the Unite room :) I hope I get to meet you someday soon & give you the loveliest hug! <3

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