• WPPI 2014 Recap | Part Two

parts of our 15 day adventure to the west coast that just seemed surreal…. like the moment I saw my images displayed life-size at the PASS booth on the WPPI Tradeshow floor! Or the time I saw my name on the WPPI speaker list for the first time! And the moment Buddy and Jill walked into our hotel room after we spent a full day thinking that their flight was going to be cancelled!! So many amazing moments with amazing people. Michael and I have told so many people who have asked about our trip that it was exhausting but so exciting at the same time. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

There were definitely moments of stress and worry and hours spent preparing for presentations… but all of the in between moments were spent will such amazing people!!! It was sad to say goodbye to these friends that we only get to see once a year! Our time together in Santa Barbara and Vegas was a blast!! It’s one thing to see friends for a week at one conference… it’s a totally different experience to do two conferences in a row with the same people! We were one big Shoot&Share family and it was so much fun!! So, because it’s easier to share about a trip in highlight form, here are some highlights from our 15 days out west!! :



1. The guys at PASS blew me away. I do NOT deserve this but they used Ross and Brittany’s wedding images EVERYWHERE! I was just in awe every time I saw them on display at the booth, in Rangefinder Magazine, in the Shoot & Share Magazine, life sized on the booth walls… etc. Such an honor!!! I’m still in shock!
2. Another highlight would have to be seeing the Shoot & Share/ PASS booth come to life!! It was incredible! The best way to describe it would be to say it looked like a Apple Store… only cooler! These guys worked so hard and it showed!
AHHH!!!!! Ross and Brittany, thank you for being gorgeous! :)

3. LOVED having these two with us for 3 days! If there are two people in the world that we want to share adventures with, it would be these guys! We love us some Bud and Jill!!! And they got to see their faces all over the PASS booth too!!

4. Speaking! Not only did I have a platform talk at WPPI, I was also a speaker at the Shoot and Share Theater two days in a row! LOVED it!! It’s such a different experience speaking on a tradeshow floor with a Britney Spears microphone!

Thank you JILL for the pics! 

5. Our custom #KJKREW Tshirts from Buddy and Jill!! We died laughing when they arrived wearing these!! Hilarious!!! So much fun… and the story of how hard they worked trying to make them is even funnier!!!


6. Our mini-adventure to the Hoover Dam! When we’re with these two, we have to do at least ONE crazy adventure. Last year it was the epic RV Vaca !! This year, it was a 2 hour trip the the Hoover Dam in a rental convertible! So fun! We were totally trying to re-create this picture! 
This place reminds me of The Capital in the Hunger Games!

Annnd Michael is afraid of heights. ha! 

7. LOVED hanging out with these amazing people!! And so many others!! 

And here are some instagram highlights!! :

– Meeting up with of my our KJ couples! Justin and Chasity loved seeing you two!!!
– FINALLY met Tash!! LOVE this amazing lady!!
– And we met baby JAX!!! What a cutie!! He may have thrown up on me immediately but I’m considering it an sign of endearment! 
– I had the opportunity to speak on a Shoot and Share Panel! So fun! Not long enough though! I had so much more to say!
Jordan and Amy! LOVE THESE TWO!!! Had such a blast with them!
– SHOCKED to see one of my images used on a WPPI promo poster!! woohoo!
xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Amy Demos reply

    Love this post and love you guys!! Thank you for sharing Buddy and Jill with us (we adore them!) and letting us borrow the Britney Spears mike for a little while ;-) You two made these last two weeks something we’ll never, ever forget!

  2. Jordan Demos reply

    Aw! We love you guys, too! And I love your reference to the Britney mic and The Hunger Games. Well played…

  3. jaime reply

    Agree with Jordan your ode to britney and the hunger games made me like you even more (if that was even possible) haha

  4. Stephanie Messick reply

    Seriously … I busted out laughing when I saw the KJKrew T-shirts with Michael revealing what’s hidden underneath! Perfect! LOL!

  5. Katie reply

    Glad I got to see you there even though it was just briefly!!! Still so sad I didn’t get into your class…but I’m sure it was incredible and hopefully some people who haven’t been lucky enough to hear you speak/attend your workshop got to go and learn from you in my place!! I’m lucky enough to live close to you and not everyone is! hahaha.

  6. courtney jones reply

    Hey, I’m totally in some of these photos because I was walking past the booth when I saw you were about to take stage, So I had a seat and I watched you speak. :) you made such an impression on me, i just wanted you to know! so i tried to follow up with your platform class but it was all full. (congrats!) maybe i’ll catch it another year. ;)

  7. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    Oh you two are so cute with little Tash! I can’t wait till you have your own kids! And those KJKrew T-Shirts are the bomb. :)

  8. Caroline Logan reply

    awhhhh! So many fun adventures!!

  9. Lanye reply

    Congratulations Katelyn! It’s truly amazing to see your hard work pay off!

  10. Claudia reply

    Kat, i love the “krew” t-shirts!!! xoxo-

  11. ashley link reply

    those shirts are awesome! such sweet friends! if you ever need someone to just document your life for you, i’ll sneak away in your suitcase! haha. kidding! but seriously, you go on so many fun adventures! enjoy these times! they seem like the best! :)

  12. Kristina W. reply

    Can’t wait to go to Vegas myself…this weekend! :D

  13. Brittany Lewry reply

    Wow!! Congratulations KAtelyn! You are such an inspiration! So cool to see the gorgeous images you captured on our special day on the pass displays! Whoa! and those KJ Krew t shirts are hilarious!!! It’s so great to read about your adventures! xoxo

  14. Ashley reply

    Hey Katelyn! I haven’t been checking your blog as much lately as i’d like but I wanted to leave some love for you!1 you are doing such wonderful things. Congrats on your wppi visit as a presenter! keep it up!!! <3

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