WPPI Bound

  • Packing it up!

believe it’s WPPI time already! I remember going last year and thinking “Oh my gosh…next year I’ll be coming to WPPI as a MARRIED WOMAN! Wow!”.   Michael traveled to WPPI with me last year to meet up with Jasmine Star and have our engagements done in the DESERT. So cool!…. literally… it was snowing/sleeting/raining but we still managed to have some awesome images (that are now all over our house!). It was fun for Michael to get to see WPPI and experience Vegas… well, experience Vegas in a very conservative sense. We love the lights and the showy-ness (is that a word??) but we’re not really into going

to strip clubs and hanging out in casinos all day. It’s just not our thing.  So this year, Michael is tagging along again for a few days and I’m so thankful that he’s willing to give up a few vacation days just to go be with 20,000 other photographers. Surprisingly, he likes it!  I don’t know what I would do if I had a husband who wasn’t interested in my job. I mean, my job is a HUGE part of my life and now that we’re married, I’m so glad Michael wants to be a big part if it! So today we’re running errands, packing, going to meet with a new CPA (yikes!), finishing up edits, mailing client DVD’s, cleaning the house, finishing laundry and packing some more! We leave bright and early tomorrow to go ATTEND a friend’s wedding in Florida! Can you believe it?! I’m ATTENDING a wedding for the first time since I started my business. I know, crazy right? I have NEVER attended a wedding besides my own! (Well, I did when I was 12 but that doesn’t count). I’m really looking forward to it. I will definitely take my camera…. and maybe stuff my 85mm in my purse just in case an opportunity arises:). I’m going to be that annoying person at every wedding that has an SLR and acts like their the photog when really…. they aren’t. Just kidding… I’ll behave and will keep my camera equipment under control.


So after the wedding, Michael and I will jump BACK on a plane and fly to VEGAS!!! WPPI here we come! There are a few things I’m looking forward to…just a few:)


1.  The bright lights. I love them! The strip is crazy but actually very pretty at the same time!


2. Seeing friends from all over and meeting new ones!!


3. SHOWIT’s Photographer’s Meetup where I’ll be speaking/hanging out with some other fun Photogs on Wednesday!


4. Photographer’s UNITE on Monday! This is a place where Christian Photogs get to come together and worship God… in VEGAS. Awesome.


5. Hugging Jstar and thanking her and JD for our Wedding pictures.


6. Celebrating Jessie’s Bday on Sunday night and eating good food with michael and Jill! SO excited that Jill is coming again this year!!


7. Going to Justin and Mary’s Shootout at 7AM! Holy cow… If my images are blurry…. it’s because I was still half asleep!


8. Meeting up with EAST COAST photogs at Dinner on Wednesday night! This was just going to be a VA Photog meetup but we have 8-9ish extra spots for dinner on Wednesday is anyone is interested!! Info HERE!


9. Wearing cute clothes!  Come on…. you know you do it! Everyone dresses cute at WPPI… it’s like an unspoken tradition…and it’s kinda fun. (Ok, so if you see me and I’m not lookin so cute, don’t judge me…. it’s going to be a long week!)


10. Drinking a lot of Starbucks ice caramel mochas…..if the lines aren’t out of control… which they will be.




Lastly, you’re probably wondering why I posted a picture of my business cards. No, it’s not because I didn’t have anything else to make this post “pretty”… it’s because this is a VERY IMPORTANT thing to pack for WPPI! I met so many photographer’s last year that said “Oh, I forgot my business cards at home”. What?! This is like the biggest meet-n-greet of the year! So, a little reminder for anyone attending WPPI….REMEMBER YOUR CARDS! I just ordered a new batch and I was so worried that they wouldn’t come in but they did! Now I’m ready!!


I’m super excited to head out tomorrow and if there are any of my blog readers going to Vegas… please let me know! I would be so so honored to meet you!!!!!

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  1. j gar reply

    the sheer mention of strip clubs makes this your best blog post ever. boom.

  2. beverly reply

    #9 love the honesty! have an awesome time!!!!

  3. Kristin Nicole reply

    Have an awesome time, and I agree that a supportive husband is the biggest asset in business!

  4. Lydia reply

    It was so neat meeting you last year (in of all places, the bathroom, lol)! I still have your old business card!

  5. caroline reply

    have so much fun!!!!!!! love you!!

  6. caroline reply

    scrolly bar!!!! yay :)

  7. Alex reply

    ok so I know you’ve only been away a couple of days (probably not even 48hours) but I am longing for a katelyn james blog post!!! I hope you’re having fun in florida and were able to stay “under control” and not whip out your camera every few seconds but im sure it was oh so tempting. I love that you are reminding others to bring business cards to WPPI, it just shows what a truly caring person you are….even if they’re the competition =] have fun…get “tan” and be safe!

  8. Brooke reply

    Have a ton of fun! I wish I could be there this year to meet you, but it just isn’t in the cards.

  9. Debra Eby reply

    Okay, so I’ve been stalking your blog for the past 24 hours and you just keep me reading and reading. I love your conversation style and work. Thank you for all of your tips and honesty. :)

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